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Chapter 379: Beg For Mercy In A Subdued Voice

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Chapter 379: Beg For Mercy In A Subdued Voice

Lu Liangwei used it for a few casual wipes and planned to return the handkerchief immediately, but it did not seem nice to do that with her sweat all over it. Instead, she said, “I’ll return it to you after washing it.”

Long Yang rode the horse into the forest that was by the racetrack.

The sun could not shine through the trees, so it was much cooler there.

Long Yang allowed the horse to trot slowly about as he shook his head. “Why are you still acting so polite with me? Do you plan for us to stay this respectful to each other even after we get married?”

Lu Liangwei had wondered the same. Her lips moved as if about to say something, but Long Yang interrupted her.

His slender fingers brushed back the sweat-drenched hair sticking to the side of her cheek as he sighed helplessly. “Weiwei.”

“Yes?” Lu Liangwei turned to look at him.

“I’m not your senior. You shouldn’t need to use terms of respect when you speak to me,” Long Yang said seriously. Whenever she spoke to him politely with respectful terms, it always made him feel like she was addressing a senior. It made him feel quite upset.

Lu Liangwei had never thought that he would mind so much over such a minor issue.

Still, he was the Emperor. She should very well be using respectful terms. He was also much older than she was, and if she spoke to him too casually, it would be quite impolite.

“If I did that, I would be disrespecting you,” Lu Liangwei explained her qualms.

“I’m your husband, not your senior. You don’t need to act so carefully around me.”

Lu Liangwei stared at him with slight surprise. As far as she was aware, the men in this era regarded themselves highly when it came to their family hierarchies. They would never have allowed their wives to disrespect them.

Why was it quite the opposite when it came to Long Yang? There was also the additional fact that he held the noble title of Emperor.

Lu Liangwei knew that he was serious by looking at his determined expression.

“Alright,” she answered perfunctorily.

Long Yang read her attitude and his almond-shaped eyes narrowed as he suddenly said, “Junzhi. That’s my personal name.”

Lu Liangwei looked at him in surprise.

“You can call me by my personal name the next time we are together in private,” Long Yang’s fingers brushed her hair.

He paused, and said in a low, gentle voice, “I’d like to hear you call out my name.”

Lu Liangwei clenched her fingers and lowered her eyes. She was suddenly feeling a little nervous.

So, his personal name was Junzhi, Long Junzhi…

She found it difficult to say it out loud.

Long Yang noticed her face turning red. He wondered if it was because of the heat, or if he had pushed her too far. He could not help lowering his voice further as he attempted to cajole her.

“Be a good girl, let me hear you.”

A thin layer of sweat broke out on Lu Liangwei’s forehead.

It was too intimate, she could not say it out loud just like that.

Long Yang was very patient. He did not push any further, but his slender hand brushed against her waist, over and over. It was like a worm had wiggled its way into her heart. She felt overwhelmed by the ticklish feeling.

Her face blushed further. She was able to tolerate it initially, but as the feeling built up she could no longer take it. She had no choice but to beg for mercy in a subdued voice, “Stop tickling me. I… I’ll say it… Jun… Junzhi… oh!”

Lu Liangwei felt almost unable to breathe.

It was unbearable for Long Yang as well. He finally let her go, and instead fully took her into his arms.

Lu Liangwei was shocked, not daring to move. Her face was buried in his arms and his scent engulfed her senses.

Her senses were overwhelmed by his passionate dominance.

She secretly decided then to follow her grandmother to Tianzhu Temple the next day. Even if it meant listening to the boring Buddhist chanting, she was willing to go.

Long Yang suddenly felt his heart ache for her when he noticed her silence. Did he… Had he frightened her just now?

He secretly regretted the wedding date he had chosen. He should have set an earlier date previously.

The Lu family’s holiday home.

It did not surprise Chu Jiu when she saw Chu Qi making a sudden appearance. Zhu Yu, however, looked behind him and anxiously asked when she did not see Lu Liangwei, “Why hasn’t my Miss returned?”

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