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Chapter 38

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The Dowager Duchess had the habit of taking an afternoon nap after having her meal, so everyone excused themselves respectively after chatting with her for a short while.

Lu Liangwei walked through the garden, intending to return to Dusklight Court. Unexpectedly, she saw Long Chi in the pavilion in front.


Long Chi was wearing a set of ivory white robes, his physique slender. He stood there with his hands clasped behind his back, exuding a slight bit of the dignity and majesty of the Crown Prince.

Lu Liangwei sneered coldly in her heart, a look of complete disapproval on her face.

Just as she was about to take the other road to walk away, Long Chi had already spotted her.

“Miss, are you taking another route after seeing me?” he asked.

Lu Liangwei halted her footsteps, swearing in her heart. Nonetheless, she flashed a faint smile across her face and stepped forward to bow toward the Crown Prince. “Liangwei is here to greet the Crown Prince,” she said.

Standing on the platform of the pavilion, Long Chi looked down at her from up high. He then walked down the platform and stopped at a two-step distance away from her. He seemed rather impatient.

“Lu Liangwei, keep your little intentions to yourself. I will not marry you,” he stated.



Lu Liangwei thought she misheard him and stared at him, dumbfounded.

The corner of Long Chi’s mouth twitched in disdain. “Lu Liangwei, you did not manage to capture my heart in the past and I definitely won’t like you in the future. You’d be putting your efforts to waste even if you do anything more,” he said contemptuously.


Lu Liangwei could now confirm that she had not misheard him, and this scumbag of a Crown Prince appeared to be having intermittent psychosis.

She raised her hand to tuck her wind-mussed hair behind her ear, then glanced at him carelessly. “Crown Prince, there’s something I want to say, but I don’t know if it would be appropriate,” she said.

Long Chi was rather taken aback by her languid reaction. If this was the past, this woman would have certainly thrown herself on him and confessed how much she liked him while sobbing by now.

Upon hearing her talk that way, an ominous feeling crept into his heart. However, he wanted to know what more this woman could say. “Say it!” he said in a tone which made it seem as if he were bestowing upon her the favor to speak.

Lu Liangwei sighed lightly. “Recently, I’ve read some medical books, and a certain type of disorder is described in those books,” she said.

Long Chi felt baffled as he did not understand why she switched the topic to medical books.

Lu Liangwei did not bother him and proceeded to continue talking. “Patients of that disorder are not much different from normal people, but they sometimes face mental confusion or even abnormalities. At times, they’ll even develop anxiety and delusions. This kind of disease occurs intermittently and its impacts vary from good to bad. Sometimes, patients would even talk to themselves,” she said.

Done with what she had to say, Lu Liangwei did not wait for his response and bowed down to bid him farewell. “If the Crown Prince has nothing else to add on, Liangwei will leave now,” she announced.

Long Chi stared at her in a stupor. He did not understand the meaning of what she just said.

Seeing his reaction, Lu Liangwei laughed secretly in her heart.

The Crown Prince’s really resembled a patient with a mental disorder in his current state.

She smirked slightly and turned to leave.

Long Chi suddenly realized what Lu Liangwei was implying when she was a good distance away and already out of sight.


She was obviously insinuating that he had intermittent psychosis or whatever that disorder was.

Damn Lu Liangwei, that girl was bold! How dare she ridicule him like that!

Long Chi was livid with rage.

Lu Liangwei only started laughing aloud upon arriving at Dusklight Court.

That bastard, Long Chi. He did not even manage to respond in time after being scolded by her.

Lu Liangwei laughed till her stomach hurt upon recalling the look of his stunned face.

She managed to stop laughing after a while.

How revolting! That cursed scumbag should look at his own reflection in a puddle of his urine. How could she like him?


Only that bitch Lu Yunshuang would treat him like a treasure trove!

At night, Lu Tingshen headed straight toward Dusklight Court after returning from the palace as he heard that Lu Yunshuang and Longchi came to the Lord’s Mansion during the daytime, which made him worry that Lu Liangwei would be taken advantage of.

Lu Liangwei was in the midst of reading a medical book. She received a slight shock upon seeing Lu Tingshen enter. “Brother, why have you come over?” she asked.

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