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Chapter 388: 388

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Chapter 388: Let Her Enjoy Her Moment While It Lasts

She seemed to have heard the sounds coming from the study room as well. Her expression was downcast, and she only stood there for a while before turning and leaving.

The personal attendant could not help sympathizing with the Crown Princess.

To be honest, the Crown Princess was good-looking, dignified, and generous, unlike Beauty Chen, who only knew how to please people with her body.

However, men liked women like Beauty Chen because of her wildness.

The sounds in the study room were getting louder and louder. The personal attendant could not help walking further away, but he could not leave just like that—the Crown Prince might summon him anytime.

Hong Xiu saw Lu Yunshuang turning to leave and hurriedly followed.

Lu Yunshuang’s expression was as ghastly as a demon.

That tramp, Chen Qiyu!

But never mind, she would soon disappear from the Eastern Palace and never come back.

She would definitely let her die an easy death. Chen Qiyu was a slutty woman, was she not? Then she would let her be a complete slut by making her take a hundred customers every day as they tear her body apart.

Hong Xiu knew that the Crown Princess was currently in a foul mood and did not dare to get closer.

After walking for a while, Lu Yunshuang suddenly stopped. “This time, it has to be foolproof.”

“Everything’s ready. Once she steps out of the Eastern Palace, I can guarantee that she’ll never come back.” Hong Xiu took a few steps forward and spoke in a low voice.

Only then did Lu Yunshuang smile, but she added menacingly, “Good, then I’ll let her enjoy her moment while it lasts.”

Hong Xiu did not reply, but she thought to herself, ‘Even if one Chen Qiyu is removed, there will be a second one in no time.’

The Crown Prince’s study room.

The personal attendant soon heard the Crown Prince calling for him and quickly went in with some hot water.

He did not dare to look up, but he still saw Beauty Chen stand up from under the desk, her clothes disheveled and her lips shockingly red and swollen.

Startled, he lowered his head further.

Just now, the Crown Prince and Beauty Chen…

The personal attendant did not dare to think about it anymore and hurriedly brought the water forward.

Long Chi had already returned to his indifferent attitude and did not even spare a glance at Beauty Chen.

Despite that, Beauty Chen still took the hot water, squeezed a handkerchief, and helped Long Chi clean up.

Long Chi did not stop her either. In his eyes, Beauty Chen was his concubine, and serving him well was her duty.

As Chen Qiyu gazed at his cold and handsome face, which was completely different from his passionate demeanor just now, she could not help feeling bitter inside.

This man really pretended that she was a stranger the moment he put his pants back on. How cruel!

She could only clean herself after helping him clean up.

Once Chen Qiyu had finished all the cleaning, she slumped against Long Chi’s shoulders limply. “Your Highness, I want to leave the palace for a while. Can you…”

Long Chi hurled a warrant onto the table. “Come back quick.”

Overjoyed, Chen Qiyu leaned forward and pecked him on the cheek.

Long Chi’s expression changed, and he pushed her away in disgust. “Get lost this instant!”

Looking at the man’s sudden change in expression, Chen Qiyu bit her lip, hurriedly grabbed the warrant, and left.

Except for letting loose during sex, Long Chi had never kissed her or allowed her to kiss him.

She sneered.

Was Lu Yunshuang the only exception?

Long Chi wiped his face vigorously with a handkerchief, then threw it into the wastebasket.

If Chen Qiyu did not make him feel so good every time, he would have abandoned her a long time ago.

After thinking about that, he suddenly summoned his personal guard, Jiang Chong. “Is she back yet?”

“She just came back today,” replied Jiang Chong.

Hearing this, Long Chi could no longer focus on state affairs and flung his brush onto the desk.

He had thought that his royal uncle had used the Jiangnan inspection tour as an excuse to take Lu Liangwei on vacation, but that was apparently not the case.

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