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Chapter 389: 389

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Chapter 389: Engulfed With A Sense Of Helplessness

At the very least, Lu Liangwei was now back in the imperial capital.

However, he remembered something and turned to look at Jiang Chong. “Did you see it with your own eyes?”

“I saw Second Miss Lu enter the Grand Duke Mansion with my own eyes. She was escorted by Heir Presumptive Lu,” Jiang Chong replied respectfully.

“Understood,” Long Chi gave a wave of his hand.

Jiang Chong retreated silently.

Knowing that his Royal Uncle did not bring Lu Liangwei with him, Long Chi’s heart was secretly delighted.

However, at another thought, where did his Royal Uncle go if his trip was not about enjoying the sights and sceneries? Where did he go and what was he doing?

He wanted to instruct Jiang Chong to investigate further, but his Royal Uncle was a very perceptive person. Moreover, his Royal Uncle’s subordinates were not easy to deal with. If he were to investigate further, it would just alert his Royal Uncle and raise suspicion.

At the thought of this, Long Chi decided to let it go.

That said, his Royal Uncle’s departure from the imperial capital was unusual. Could it be that he had gone to seek for a genius doctor to rid his poison?

If that was the case…

A murderous look crossed his face.

However, he quickly canceled this idea from his thoughts. Frostbite was specifically distilled for his Royal Uncle. The only person who could cure this poison was Madam Ling, who had died long ago. There was no way anyone else would be able to cure him.

Long Chi ceased worrying.

At the frontier.

A black horse carriage was speeding toward the direction of the imperial capital.

Seated in the carriage was a ravishing beauty of around thirty over years old, hugging a child tightly in her arms.

The child was around five years old and looked frail. Fear flashed in his eyes as he curled up in her arms, not daring to move at all.

The beautiful woman lowered her head, kissing his forehead continuously as she consoled, “Zhi’er, don’t be afraid, don’t be scared. Once we enter the capital, no one would ever dare to bully us again. Your uncle will protect us…”

The fear in the child’s eyes did not cease. His pallor and small face looked pitiful.

The beautiful woman was engulfed with a sense of helplessness when she saw this.

Zhi’er had been in the study on the day it happened. He had witnessed his father being killed and to this day, had not gotten over it.

She only hoped that Zhi’er’s condition would improve once they arrived at the capital.

She was thinking about this when the carriage suddenly came to a sudden stop.

A sense of dread overcame her. Could those people have already gotten their men to lay wait within the borders of the Great Shang Kingdom?

Her guess was quickly confirmed.

She heard Shi Si’s determined voice coming from outside the carriage. “Shi Qi, take Seventh Princess with you. I’ll stay here to stall them.”

“Be careful,” Shi Qi did not hesitate.

Danjue had undergone a sudden political upheaval. The Danjue Prince was killed and the Danjue King was very old. His younger brother, Wanyan Jin had taken over the imperial court. The elite troop that had stayed hidden within Danjue had taken tremendous effort to save the Seventh Princess and the little prince, with most of them sacrificing their lives in the process.

Wanyan Jin was a ruthless man who loved a good fight. He was wildly ambitious and had long been itching to ignite a war between both countries.

With Danjue Prince’s death, the officials who were in line with the prince in favor of peace realized that without a mainstay, they were sure to be banished and Wanyan Jin would finally be able to start a war between both countries.

The worse thing about this was that Wanyan Jin still wanted to eradicate all obstacles.

For him to be able to ascend to the Danjue throne, he had to make sure there was nothing in between him to do so.

However, no one anticipated Wanyan Jin would be willing to give chase across the borders of the Great Shang Kingdom.

Shi Qi took charge of the carriage and had just managed to move for some distance when he was once again stopped.

An elite soldier from Danjue lunged at him with a wandao.

Shi Qi’s heart felt heavy. He swung the reins forcefully outward, which hit a soldier of death. Almost immediately, he pulled out his sword. He was prepared to fight them to death when a few figures suddenly soared down from above.

A few painful shrieks were heard, and the tables turned on the situation.

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