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Chapter 393: 393

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Chapter 393: No Intention Of Stopping

If one wanted to get to Longevity Hall, one would have to walk past the garden.

Just then, a lively noise could be heard coming from the garden.

“You can do it, Miss!”

“You can do it, Dowager Duchess!”

Long Chi recognized the encouraging voice. It was the voice of Lu Liangwei’s personal maidservant.

Could Lu Liangwei be in the garden too?

He could not help but stop walking as he thought about this.

Lu Yunshuang had heard it too. She felt slightly annoyed by their ruckus. Normally, she would have ignored it if it was just Lu Liangwei in the garden. Unfortunately, she had also heard her servant calling out for the Dowager Duchess.

Could her grandmother be in the garden too?

What were they doing? It sounded like they were having fun.

Lu Yunshuang was a little curious, so she turned to Hong Xiu and said, “I heard a voice that sounded quite a bit like Zhu Yu’s. Get over there quickly and find out if Grandmother is there as well.”

“I’ll head there right now,” Hong Xiu replied, quickly walking over to the garden.

Hong Xiu returned after a short while with a strange look on her face.

“Your Highnesses, the Dowager Duchess and Second Miss are indeed in the garden. They’re…” She paused. She had no idea how to describe what she had just seen.

All she knew was that the Dowager Duchess and Second Miss were holding something that looked like a bat in their hands, and they were hitting something that looked like it was made out of feathers.

“What are they doing?” Lu Yunshuang pushed.

Hong Xiu was a little stumped. “I can’t really tell. I think it’s best if Your Highness took a look for herself.”

With that, Long Chi could no longer stop himself. He walked toward the garden quickly.

Lu Yunshuang was quite curious about Hong Xiu’s description and did not overthink her husband’s actions.

Lu Liangwei and the Dowager Duchess were playing badminton in the garden.

She had requested Lu Tingchen to find skilled craftsmen to make the shuttlecock and racket for her. All she needed to do was draw a picture of them. She had not expected her items to be produced so swiftly.

Even though it was not exactly the same as badminton from modern times, at least the equipment could still be used.

It was a gloomy day today and there was no sun out. Both of them had been playing for quite a while and the dresses on them were thoroughly wet, yet they had no intention of stopping.

The servants watching them by the sidelines were cheering them on.

Even though it was the first time the Dowager Duchess had played badminton, she was quite agile and took a shine to the game very quickly. She was now in a tense battle with Lu Liangwei.

Long Chi immediately spotted Lu Liangwei the moment he stepped into the garden.

She was wearing a form-fitting pastel pink dress today. Her dark hair had been braided. It fell loosely behind her, bouncing up and down along as she ran about. She was filled with nimble yet vigorous energy.

Suddenly, a white feathery object came flying straight at him.

Long Chi’s eyes narrowed as he reached out to grab it with ease.

When Lu Yunshuang saw this, she glared furiously at Lu Liangwei. “Weiwei, did you do that on purpose? Do you think you’re capable of shouldering the responsibility of hurting the Crown Prince, if that had hit him?”

The moment she said this, the Dowager Duchess, who was previously standing with her back toward them, immediately turned around. She said in an indifferent tone, “Crown Prince and Crown Princess, why didn’t you send someone to inform us of your arrival? We could have welcomed you at the door.”

When Lu Yunshuang heard this, she glared viciously at Lu Liangwei. Her sister had an innocent look on her face, and Lu Yunshuang said to the Dowager Duchess awkwardly, “I received word that Grandmother had returned, so I specially brought His Highness with me to visit you. I did not want to make any trouble for you, so I headed directly to Longevity Hall. I heard you were here instead, so I made my way here immediately. I just never thought that Weiwei would almost hurt His Highness…”

The Dowager Duchess darted her eyes to the shuttlecock in Long Chi’s hand and said with a small smile, “Oh, can such a light thing hurt a strong and healthy man like the Crown Prince?”

Lu Yunshuang followed her gaze and only then did she realize that the ‘murder weapon’ was nothing more than an object assembled from a pile of duck feathers.

She reacted defensively, “Even so, His Highness is of noble stature. If he was hit by it…”

The Dowager Duchess’ expression darkened.

Long Chi immediately nudged Lu Yunshuang, urging her to stop talking.

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