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Chapter 396: 396

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Chapter 396: The Sweet Devotion In Those Eyes

Long Chi was delighted, but his expression fell dark the moment he heard her response.

“Crown Prince, I’ve told you before that you should address me as your Aunt whenever we meet. Please bear that in mind. I can let it go this time but if it happens again, I’ll inform your Royal Uncle. It’s beyond compromise for a Crown Prince to behave this way without proper etiquette!”

Lu Liangwei finished saying and walked away with Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu.

Long Chi seethed in anger and punched the pillar beside him.

‘She’s constantly prattling on about my Royal Uncle. Does she think she can rely on him for a lifetime? That’s naïve! She’ll cry when the time comes.’

Dusklight Court.

Lu Liangwei was feeling a lot more comfortable now. She had taken a bath and changed into fresh clothes.

Zhu Yu was thinking about the encounter earlier in the garden. It was disturbing.

She had noticed a difference in the Crown Prince’s attitude toward Miss. There was such sweet devotion in his eyes when he looked at her. Zhu Yu felt uneasy.

She was worried that the Crown Prince may do something out of line.

“Miss, when will the Emperor be coming back?” She asked while drying Lu Liangwei’s hair with a towel.

“How would I know?” Lu Liangwei replied absently.

Long Yang had left the Capital City for more than half a month. In a few days, it would be her grandmother’s birthday. She wondered if he was coming back for it.

She opened the box that kept the Phoenix Jade Bangle and started tracing a finger along the bangle inside. Eventually, she got lost in her thoughts.

While observing her, Chu Jiu could not help thinking about the Crown Prince’s strange behavior in the garden earlier.

She did not know much about what had happened between The Crown Prince and Second Miss Lu. Butler Zhao had never mentioned anything as well. Everything she knew was revealed by Zhu Yu unintentionally during their conversations.

According to Zhu Yu, it should not be possible for the Crown Prince to be fond of Second Miss Lu. However, the Crown Prince’s behavior in the garden just now was very brazen.

She had seen with her own eyes that the Crown Prince had almost touched Second Miss Lu’s face.

She was not sure if she should inform Butler Zhao about it, or pretend she did not see it.

‘Despite everything, Second Miss Lu isn’t treating the Crown Prince with much courtesy. If he has any hope, it can only be wishful thinking on his part,’ Chu Jiu thought hesitantly.

At this moment, the doorkeepers brought news. A child had come to visit Zhu Yu.

This took Zhu Yu by surprise.

She did not know any children, so who could this be?

“Did the doorkeepers make a mistake? I don’t know any children.”

The maidservant, who was the messenger for the doorkeepers, wavered when she heard Zhu Yu’s words.

“There’s indeed a child standing outside the door, and he even knows your name…” The doorkeepers had considered the fact that Zhu Yu was a person who was close to Second Miss. They had initially wanted to turn the child away but were concerned that he might be someone that Zhu Yu knew. They could not afford to offend her.

“What’s the child’s name? How does he look like?” Lu Liangwei asked.

The maidservant replied immediately, “The child gave his name as Youyou. He’s about 7 or 8 years old, and is around this height.” As she spoke, she demonstrated the child’s height with her hand.

Zhu Yu did not need Lu Liangwei to respond further. The answer suddenly dawned on her. “Look at this memory of mine,” she slapped herself on the forehead. “Isn’t that my grandaunt’s grandson? Let’s go have a look quickly.”

The maidservant heaved a sigh of relief and hurried to lead the way.

Not long after, Zhu Yu led Youyou into the room.

Youyou was feeling slightly nervous. Sister Lu had been kind to him and his grandfather. He never imagined that she would be the Second Miss Lu of the Grand Duke Family, the future Empress of the Great Shang Kingdom.

He followed closely behind Zhu Yu as he entered the room. He felt less nervous when he saw Lu Liangwei and greeted, “Sister Lu.”

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