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Chapter 398: 398

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Chapter 398: An Attack Out Of Nowhere

Lu Yunshuang’s face stiffened, feeling embarrassed and indignant at his rejection.

What was the matter with him?

Did he not used to love her gentleness above anything else?

So why did she feel a hint of resistance and rejection from him just now?

Realizing this, she felt resentment rise in her heart.

Could Long Chi really be enchanted by that tramp Chen Qiyu?

That goddamned whore!

She was once again relieved to have removed Chen Qiyu from the picture.

Even if Chen Qiyu survived by sheer luck, she would not be able to enter the Eastern Palace again. No matter how much Long Chi was infatuated with her, he would never want an impure woman like her anymore.

An evil glint flashed through Lu Yunshuang’s eyes.

When Lu Liangwei arrived at the West of the city where the beggars lived, Lin Qingyuan was fully unconscious.

After examining her, Lu Liangwei discovered that she had taken a blow to her pulse and was suffering from numerous internal injuries. Fortunately, the old beggar had channeled vital energy into her in a timely manner and managed to protect her pulse temporarily.

Lu Liangwei had already heard about her condition from Youyou, so she had brought some medicine for pulse injuries.

After feeding it to Lin Qingyuan, she scribbled another prescription and asked the old beggar to get it filled.

It was already evening when they finished bustling around.

Lin Qingyuan had yet to wake up. Lu Liangwei reminded the old beggar, “She may have a fever at night, so please look after her. I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry, we’ll look after her.” The old beggar also found Lin Qingyuan rather pitiful. She was such a young lady but was forced to resort to becoming a beggar.

The old beggar shook his head and personally saw Lu Liangwei out of the courtyard.

However, they had just stepped out of the gates when the old beggar’s expression changed abruptly. In a flash, he shielded Lu Liangwei from the front and pushed her back into the courtyard.

At the same time, Chu Jiu whipped out her sword and parried two blades that came piercing toward them out of nowhere.

With a clang, the weapons collided and produced a series of sparks.

The old beggar turned around and landed a strike with his palm.

Bam bam! Two booms were heard, accompanied by the sound of something heavy crashing down. Two men in black had collapsed onto the ground.

Before either of them could gasp for breath, a dozen more men in black descended upon them and surrounded the small courtyard.

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