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Chapter 399: 399

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Chapter 399: So That He Could Stand On His Own Feet

In a flash, Lu Liangwei made her decision and said determinedly, “Jiu, team up with Senior and fight them off together. I’ll retreat indoors first.” She swiftly leaned over to Chu Jiu’s ear and whispered something, then broke away from her and darted into one of the rooms.

She was deliberately loud with her movements, and sure enough, the assassins noticed her.

She had rushed to a woodshed.

The old beggar had already begun renovating the small courtyard. It was not as rickety as it used to be, and even the doors and windows had been replaced with sturdy new ones.

After entering the woodshed, Lu Liangwei immediately closed the door, took out her handkerchief, and tied it around her mouth and nose.

Then, she hurled out the medicine balls she carried on her.

After that, she quickly hid in a haystack.

As expected, the door to the woodshed was soon kicked open, and a group of assassins flooded in.

Chu Jiu and the old beggar were engaged in battle with another group of assassins and could not get away at all.

When the old beggar and Chu Jiu noticed the situation on the other side, they were horrified.

After defeating a few assassins, they rushed over.

However, before they could reach the door, they heard sounds of heavy objects crashing to the floor coming from inside.

With a whirl of thoughts in her mind, Chu Jiu was about to go in when she saw Lu Liangwei dash out and close the door behind her.

The old beggar was startled. “Miss Lu, are you alright?”

Lu Liangwei tore the handkerchief off her face and shook her head. “I’m fine.”

Seeing this, the old beggar finally heaved a sigh of relief. He then turned around and dispatched the remaining assassins in the courtyard together with Chu Jiu.

After all the assassins in the courtyard had been finished off, Lu Liangwei said, “The ones inside are under the effects of coma-inducing medicine. They’ll be unconscious for some time.”

The old beggar nodded. “Leave them to me.” Thinking of something, he asked again, “Should I keep one of them alive?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No, they were sent by the House of Swallow Snow.”

The old beggar was stunned when he heard this, but he did not say anything. He kicked the woodshed door open and waited for the medicine inside to dissipate before going in and eliminating the assassins one by one.

Youyou had naturally heard the loud sounds coming from the courtyard, but he did not rush out and hid indoors instead to avoid being a burden. Now that it was over, he came out.

The old beggar did not attempt to shelter the kid from the sight and dealt with the dead assassins in front of his eyes.

It was Youyou’s first time seeing something like this. He was a little frightened and wanted to hide, but the old beggar ordered him to stay where he was and watch the scene closely.

Lu Liangwei furrowed her brow. Seeing Youyou’s face turn a shade paler, she stroked his head and said softly, “Those are bad people. If we don’t kill them, we’ll be killed, so don’t be afraid.”

She sensed that Youyou did not come from an ordinary background, which was why the old beggar was so strict with him. He probably wanted to train the kid so that he could stand on his own feet in the future.

Youyou said firmly, “Sister Lu, I, I’m not afraid…” However, his teeth were chattering.

Lu Liangwei sighed inwardly. She had no right to say anything about the old beggar’s education method as she still did not know their origins very well. Perhaps the old beggar’s cruelty toward Youyou today would help him develop extraordinary skills in the future.

There were too many bodies in the courtyard, and it was impossible to bury them just like that. They had caused quite a commotion and had probably alarmed other people. This place was not like the wilderness, so she planned to let Chu Jiu report to the local authorities.

As for the beggars, it was not suitable for them to live here anymore.

“I got you into this mess today. You can find an inn to settle down first, and I’ll find another place for you in a few days.”

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