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Chapter 40: The Stunning Beauty That’s Difficult To Conceal

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Lu Liangwei wrote them down one by one.


The Dowager Duchess noticed that she had become more well-behaved and understanding than before, and finally relaxed her heart.


“Grandmother, are you going?” Lu Liangwei knew that the Dowager Duchess disliked being at the palace, yet she still asked that question.


As expected, the old woman waved her hand. “I’m not going, my bones are already this old, I’ll still need to prostrate before His Majesty as well as curtsy the concubines, I really cannot afford to toss my old bones around. Furthermore, there are numerous rules at the palace, it is better for me to stay at home, it’s more comfortable here.”


To be honest, she wanted Lu Liangwei not to go too, although the Emperor did not have many concubines, the palace was well-known to be a place with many disputes.


But after all, Lu Liangwei was still a little girl, she should not stay at the mansion every day without going anywhere.


In the future, when she married someone, she would still have to deal with other people.


If she was confined in the mansion every day, it was very likely that she would develop a fearful and cowardly character.


“You should be careful, consult your father and brother in time if something is up.” Dowager Duchess admonished.


Lu Liangwei smiled and answered, “I understand.”


The birthday banquet was held in the evening. In the afternoon, Zhu Yu was busy as she was busy choosing clothes and jewelry.


Lu Liangwei was distracted by the noise, she put down her book and said, “It’s just a matter of entering the palace, what’s the need for such trouble?”


Zhu Yu said with conviction, “Our Miss is so beautiful, of course, she should be dressed up more beautifully, to impress someone till he regrets his decision.”


Lu Liangwei smiled and suddenly understood what the little girl had in mind.


She was defending herself.


Her face sank, “Zhu Yu, let the bygones be bygones, do not think about it again.”


Zhu Yu was a bit reluctant. “But…”


“No buts! In any case, the Crown Prince has already married Lu Yunshuang, why do we have to interfere in it again? We will only make people look down on us more if we did so, or have I not created enough jokes already?” Lu Liangwei was a little unhappy.


Zhu Yu was still very reluctant. “Miss…”


In her opinion, Miss liked the Crown Prince a lot, although she had changed a lot these days, she was only forcing a smile on her face.


Moreover, Miss had stayed at home nowadays without stepping out of the mansion, she had no idea how terrible the rumors were going on outside.


It was said that Second Miss Lu was rejected by the Crown Prince, even if she sent herself to him, the Crown Prince would also disdain her.


She felt sorry for her own Miss.


If it were not for Lu Yunshuang who stepped in and stole the Crown Prince, Miss would not have become the laughing stock of everyone.


Lu Liangwei slightly toned down. “Zhu Yu, I know how you feel, but I’ve already let go of the past. Crown Prince is not the only man in this world, he doesn’t want me and neither do I. Therefore, you need not do those things again, that will only make people laugh at us more, are you clear?”


Zhu Yu wrinkled her eyebrows. “Miss, are you letting it go just like this?”


Lu Liangwei’s eyes slightly narrowed, and she lightly said, “I won’t offend someone unless I’m being offended.”


Zhu Yu looked at her, at this moment, she felt strange when she saw the indifference between her eyebrows.


It was probably the suicide incident had changed Miss.


In the end, Lu Liangwei chose a dress of plain color.


The color and style of the dress were very inconspicuous, but Lu Liangwei was born well, and not even the plain dress could conceal her stunning beauty.



As a concubine, Aunt Zheng was actually not qualified to enter the palace.


However, now that Lu Yunshuang became the Crown Princess and Lu Hetian had not been married over these years, Aunt Zheng was like the hostess of the Duke Mansion.

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