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Chapter 400: 400

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Chapter 400: Also A Boss

The old beggar shook his head. “Don’t say that, Miss Lu. You didn’t drag us into anything. You saved my life, and Youyou is only alive because you helped him. Besides, you even provided us with a place to live, but we haven’t even repaid your kindness.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head and said sincerely, “Regardless, I caused this disaster today.”

At the mention of the topic, the old beggar was a little puzzled. “What did you do to get targeted by the assassins from the House of Swallow Snow?”

Lu Liangwei sighed. “I don’t know either.”

Remembering her identity, the old beggar did not inquire further but reminded, “Once the assassins from the House of Swallow Snow target you, there will be endless troubles. Unless the client revokes the task, they will never stop hunting you down.”

Lu Liangwei frowned and nodded. Grandmother had already told her that before. “Thank you for the reminder, Senior. I’ll be careful.”

Remembering something, the old beggar paused hesitantly but eventually muttered, “If the leader of the House of Swallow Snow knew that the target was you, they would never have accepted this task.”

“What did you say, Senior?” Lu Liangwei did not hear him clearly.

The old beggar shook his head. “It’s nothing. But you don’t have to worry too much. The House of Swallow Snow has a rule that once they accept a task, they will do everything in their power to kill the target unless the client revokes it, but there are also exceptions.”

Lu Liangwei was perplexed at his words, but the old beggar did not speak anymore.

Since those assassins could find this place, they might use the inhabitants to threaten Miss Lu next time.

Most importantly, the local authorities would be here in a while and would definitely conduct a thorough investigation, which could make things troublesome. For the time being, the news about the old beggar and Youyou being here could not be made known.

He had his own concerns, and seeing that Lu Liangwei had already planned everything, he did not say anything more. He hoisted Lin Qingyuan onto his back and left with Youyou and the other young beggars who had just returned from begging.

Chu Jiu stared thoughtfully in the direction where the old beggar headed off.

She did not expect such an expert to be living in a place as remote as this and wondered how Second Miss got to know him.

Seeing her thoughtful expression, Lu Liangwei could not help laughing. “I had my suspicions that Senior possessed some skill in martial arts, but I didn’t expect that he was also a boss.”

Judging from his killing method just now, Senior may not just be some distressed peasant from the martial world.

When Chu Jiu heard this, a smile formed on her mouth, and she could not help joking as well. “I didn’t expect that you were such a boss either. I joined forces with Senior, but even that wasn’t as fast and effective as your method.”

Seeing that Chu Jiu had finally learned how to joke, Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow. “That was just a small trick. If not for you and Senior warding off those assassins, I couldn’t have done it.”

As she had guessed, the assassins that the House of Swallow Snow dispatched this time were divided into two batches, one to intercept her in the courtyard and the other to ambush her on the road.

Seeing that she had not left the courtyard after a long time, the assassins lying in ambush came looking for her.

When they saw her enter the woodshed, they planned to catch her right then and there, but they never expected that she would release coma-inducing medicine inside the confined space.

As soon as they entered, they immediately fell into her trap.

Chu Jiu was very impressed.

It was beyond her expectations that Miss could ward off disaster twice in a row despite having no skill in martial arts.

It was all because of her cleverness and wit.

Something came to her mind, and she said solemnly, “I’ll send you back first. As for these assassins, I’ll report them to the local authorities later. I have the Emperor’s warrant with me, so I can just tell them to handle the matter. They wouldn’t dare interrogate me.”

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