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Chapter 406: 406

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Chapter 406: If Anything Happens To Her, All Of You Will Pay With Your Lives

At the thought of this, the supervisor gathered up the courage to say, “House Leader, please be appeased. Do let him off this one time on account that Supervisor Chen had no idea about this.”

The woman was enraged. “If anything happens to her, all of you will pay with your lives!”

All the supervisors went dead silent.

When the House Leader had first taken over the role for the first few years, she was never so unpredictable.

She had disappeared for a few years and when she returned one year seriously wounded, she turned unpredictable and often had mood swings.

However, she still did not bother much with the workings of the house of assassins.

Her presence became even less visible these few years and she rarely returned.

None of them had expected the House Leader, who had not returned for quite a long time, to lose such a big temper over one mission the house had accepted.

The House Leader ended up not killing the supervisor at fault, who was lying on the floor half-dead, after losing her temper.

He was not aware, after all.

That said, she was still enraged.

If she had not returned and spotted the drawing by accident, she would not have been aware of it.

They actually dared to target her…

A flash of fire crossed her eyes.

The supervisor who had spoken to her from the very beginning once again gathered his courage to continue, “The girl was not hurt at all. We had sent out assassins twice but did not manage to even wound her. The assassins sent out this round have all been annihilated.”

He was not in charge of this mission. Supervisor Chen was the one who oversaw this, but the target had created a lot of trouble. They had sent out assassins twice, and yet the mission could not be completed. This had alerted all members of the house. In addition to that, the employee had offered a very high commission, which was why he had paid extra attention to this.

The House Leader calmed down quite a bit when she heard what he said, but the next words that came out of her mouth were filled with murderous intent. “Withdraw the order to kill immediately regardless of the price. Whoever dares to go against my orders and accept the mission of assassinating her will suffer a fate worse than death in my hands!”

All the supervisors shuddered. “We obey the orders of the House Leader.”

The House Leader’s expression turned calmer. She turned toward the supervisor from before and instructed, “Bring me the details of the employer.”

The supervisor was shocked. “This…”

The House Leader gave him a sharp glance. “What’s wrong? Am I not allowed to see it?”

The supervisor wiped away the sweat on his forehead. If it was under usual circumstances, there was no problem because she was the House Leader who had the lifeline of the House of Snow Swallow in her hands.

However, right at that moment, the House Leader was clearly about to seek out the employer for some trouble. How would he dare give her the employer’s information?

He said with difficulty, “This is the rule of the house and you understand it better than anyone here. We can’t break…”

The House Leader sneered. “It looks like I’m no longer able to give out orders after being away for a while.”

The supervisor’s face turned pallor. “Please be appeased, House Leader. I’ll get you the information now.”

The supervisor ran off to the information storage room in fear before the House Leader lost her temper again.

The House Leader finally stopped when she saw this.

The other supervisors did not dare to say a word.

Supervisor Xu was the only one who dared speak to the House Leader that way.

It was not long before Supervisor Xu returned with the information.

He hesitated for quite a while, trying to evaluate which was more important, his life or the house’s reputation. In the end, he passed the information over to her.

“Please go through it, House Leader.”

The House Leader took over the information.

It might have been referred to as information but it was, in fact, just a thin piece of paper with the employer’s identity, status, address written on it. It also included the amount of commission paid and the assassination target.

The House Leader read it quickly and crumpled the information in her hand, flinging it viciously onto the ground.

“So, it’s the young master of the Situ family. I’d like to meet him.” With that, she ignored the supervisors in the courtyard and left with some men.

As soon as she left, everyone fell to the ground, as if their strengths have been sucked dry from their bodies.

Why would this malevolent spirit return for no good reason?

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