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Chapter 407: 407

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Chapter 407: The Connection Between Them

None of them would be able to enjoy life once she returned.

Everyone was disgruntled about this, yet no one dared to even harbor the thought of a rebellion.

Just as everyone had breathed a sigh of relief, the House Leader suddenly came back. “Investigate for me if the Emperor is really marrying Second Miss Lu from the Grand Duke Family. Come back to me with the results at the soonest and give me accurate information tomorrow.”

Hearing her voice, everybody’s hearts that had just relaxed got uptight again. This time, they made sure that the House Leader was truly gone before they dared to take a breather.

What was going on? Why did the House Leader suddenly return?

Wait, that was not the right question. Why did the House Leader suddenly have an interest in matters of the imperial court?

Also, Second Miss Lu from the Grand Duke Family was supposed to be their target for assassination, right?

Supervisor Xu had even more thoughts about this. He had spent quite some time by the House Leader’s side and have seen her face before. The girl in the drawing clearly resembled the House Leader.

Moreover, the House Leader was quite concerned over the girl, even wanting to investigate anything to do with her. The connection between them…

Supervisor Xu got lost in his thoughts.

Lin Qingyuan woke up, and Youyou went to the Grand Duke Mansion to inform Lu Liangwei.

Receiving the news, Lu Liangwei brought Chu Jiu along to the inn they were staying at temporarily.

When she arrived, Lin Qingyuan had just finished drinking her medicine with the help of the old beggar.

She might have woken up, but her health was obviously in a weak state. When she saw Lu Liangwei, she forced a smile. “You’re here…”

Lu Liangwei stepped forward, reaching out to feel her pulse.

Youyou stood at the side and asked, “Sister Lu, is Sister Er Mu okay?”

After a while, Lu Liangwei placed her hand down. She smiled and consoled him, “Your Sister Er Mu is doing well despite still being in a frail state.”

“That’s good.” Youyou felt relieved.

Lu Liangwei noticed the dark circles underneath his eyes and knew that he must have stood guard by Lin Qingyuan for the entire night. She said, “Don’t worry. Sister Er Mu is doing fine now. Go and get some rest.”

Youyou yawned. “Alright.”

The old beggar was a man, after all, and Lin Qingyuan was a young girl. Naturally, it would be inconvenient for him, which was why the duty of taking care of Lin Qingyuan last night fell onto the shoulders of Youyou.

The old beggar turned to Lu Liangwei and said, “Go ahead and chat. I’ll take Youyou back to let him sleep.”

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei nodded.

Once both of them were gone, Lin Qingyuan’s gaze fell onto Chu Jiu.

Before Lu Liangwei could introduce her, Chu Jiu took the initiative to say, “I’ll stand guard outside the door. Just call out for me if you need anything.”

“Okay,” Lu Liangwei said with slight awkwardness.

Chu Jiu exited the room and closed the doors.

Lu Liangwei sat next to Lin Qingyuan. “Does your body still hurt?”

Lin Qingyuan shook her head, but said with some trepidation, “I thought I was going to die for sure…”

Lu Liangwei frowned. “What happened?”

Lin Qingyuan gave a glance outside and after making sure that no one was eavesdropping, said in a low voice, “Guess who I saw in the alley the day before yesterday?”

“Who?” Lu Liangwei asked.

“It was Chen Qiyu,” Lin Qingyuan lowered her voice further.

“Chen Qiyu?” Lu Liangwei frowned as she tried to remember her, and finally found this person from the original host’s memory.

This was Chen Xuping’s stepsister.

Lin Qingyuan noticed the blank look on Lu Liangwei’s face. She guessed that Lu Liangwei must not have known that Chen Qiyu had married into the Eastern Palace and explained the situation to her.

Lu Liangwei was astonished when she heard this. “The Crown Prince’s concubine?”

“Yup. I saw for myself in the alley the day before yesterday, how she and her maidservant were knocked unconscious and flung into an oxcart. They were carted out of the imperial capital and I followed them all the way. I was discovered by accident in the end, which was how I ended up being heavily wounded. Those people were vicious and they must have thought there was no way I would still be alive, which was why they did not catch up to me. It was by luck that I am still alive,” Lin Qingyuan’s face turned a few shades paler when she recalled what happened. The situation was very dangerous at that time.

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