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Chapter 409: 409

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Chapter 409: Master Had Recently Developed A New Hobby

Lin Qingyuan happily pulled Lu Liangwei into a hug. “Lu Liangwei, I like you so much. You truly are my lucky star.”

Lu Liangwei was almost strangled by the hug, hardly able to breathe. She pulled away from Lin Qingyuan’s grasp and asked brusquely, “Is this the way you treat your lucky star?”

Lin Qingyuan quickly backed off a little. She reached out her hand to help smooth down Lu Liangwei’s dress with a solicitous expression. “Madam Lucky Star, your humble servant has been rash. Please forgive me, Madam Lucky Star, and do not take your humble servant’s uncouthness to heart.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched. She ignored Lin Qingyuan and called out to the old beggar. She told him about her thoughts on opening a medicinal shop. She asked for his help in finding a suitable place, and gave him a thousand silver taels worth of silver drafts. “The location is not too important. I’m not looking for it to earn a profit. I just need it to be a good environment with a courtyard at the back. This way, all of you can live there and take care of the shop at the same time.”

The old beggar knew that the main reason she was starting this shop was to provide them a place to live. He had a lot of conflicting emotions regarding this, but it was trying times and he did not reject her. He took the silver drafts and guaranteed, “Don’t worry, Miss Lu. I will make sure the job is done well.”

“Alright. Thank you for the trouble.” Lu Liangwei nodded. The old man was quite reliable.

The old beggar sighed, “You are much too kind, Miss.”

Lu Liangwei did not stay long afterward. She chatted a while longer with Lin Qingyuan before returning home with Chu Jiu.

Chu Yi covered his mouth and nose as he led a group of covert guards. He watched a smoky explosion billow nearby and suddenly thought of something. He turned to look at his master, who was on a horse, with bright eyes. “Was that the medicinal ball invented by Second Miss Lu?”

Long Yang looked at the Danjue elite soldiers lying on the ground and did not reply to Chu Yi’s stupid question. Instead, he simply ordered, “Leave no one alive.”

Shi Yi understood immediately. He took a few covert guards with him and immediately turned back, planning to immediately kill all the Danjue elite soldiers who had already lost consciousness.

Long Yang did not want to dilly-dally. He ordered Shi Qi to continue driving the carriage and move them forward.

It was already the end of June. There were only a few more days before the Dowager Duchess’ grand birthday celebration. He wanted to rush back and make sure he was present for the celebration.

If not for the fact that he wanted to return quickly, he would never have used the medicinal balls Weiwei had given him.

He could not deny that the coma-inducing medicinal balls Weiwei had invented were very useful. Even though it could only deploy damage within a small area, if one were to use it wisely, it could save one a lot of time and energy.

When those elite soldiers from Danjue had suddenly appeared, none of them had stopped moving. All he needed to do was throw the medicinal ball into the crowd of soldiers and it immediately exploded. Smoke dispersed from it in an instant. Before the soldiers could react, they had already fallen into his trap.

His lips curved upward at the thought of this. That girl truly possessed a very quirky character to have been able to think up such a thing.

It was unique, yet extremely useful.

They had run into quite a few groups of Danjue elite soldiers during their journey. No matter how courageous and powerful those soldiers were, they were no problem for his well-trained covert guards. Unfortunately, taking care of them did exhaust quite a lot of time.

His gaze turned toward the direction of the imperial capital. His eyes were in deep thought. He had not been away from the capital for very long, but it felt like forever since he had been back. He wanted very much to swiftly return.

He wondered how Weiwei was doing right now. Did she miss him, even a little bit?

He had a small bitter smile as he reached into his pocket to touch the handkerchief he had kept there.

Chu Qi had been following behind Long Yang all this while and noticed him reaching into his pockets again. Chu Qi found this a little strange.

Master had recently developed a new hobby, reaching into his pocket every now and then. Chu Qi wondered what his master was touching.

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