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Chapter 411: 411

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Chapter 411: Some Things Should Not Cross The Line

Long Qingzhi was slightly surprised. She was curious as to how did her brother woo Second Miss Lu.

However, judging by his tone, he was clearly warning her to stop the conversation where it was.

An Emperor’s dignity should not be challenged.

Even if both siblings were very close when they were younger, and he had personally come to the frontier to pick her up upon her return, there were still some things that should not cross the line.

Long Qingzhi understood this, but she could not suppress the curiosity in her heart. She asked in a soft voice, “Is Second Miss Lu not willing to marry you?”

Long Yang thought about the few times Lu Liangwei had rejected marrying into the Palace with a hesitant and troubled look on her face. An adoring look crossed his expression. “Just as you’ve said, I’m much older than she is. It’s only natural that she’s not willing.”

Long Qingzhi’s lips moved when she heard this, but she was hesitant and did not say what she wanted in the end.

She was thinking that Lu Liangwei still has the Crown Prince in her heart, which was the reason she was unwilling to marry her younger brother and enter the Palace.

However, her brother had just warned her that some questions were crossing the line, which was why she decided to swallow her words.

Xiangyang City.

Long Xiao immediately rushed over from the army camp when he received the news.

He was surprised when he saw the unexpected guests sitting in the hall, but his

When he saw the unexpected guests sitting in his hall, he was quite surprised, but his delicate face quickly showed an expression of respect. He took a few steps forward and kneeled on one knee. “Welcome, Royal Brother!”

“We’re family, there’s no need for formality, Eleventh Brother,” Long Yang waved him off casually.

“Thank you, Royal Brother.” Long Xiao stood up and immediately turned to Long Qingzhi, who was sitting next to Long Yang. He took a few more steps forward, unable to hide his excitement. “Royal Sister?”

Long Qingzhi stood up with Zhi’er in her arms. She looked at him with a smile on her face as she said with great emotion. “We haven’t seen each other for twenty years. Xiao’er, you’ve now taken charge of Xiangyang City. Time has passed fast. When I was headed to Danjue, you were just as big as Zhi’er is now.”

Long Xiao rubbed his nose. He was a little embarrassed now that he remembered his childhood.

“That’s right. Time flies, but Royal Sister, you haven’t changed at all. You’re still as pretty as I remember you.”

Long Qingzhi said with a slight melancholy, “I’m already old now.”

“Royal Sister, you’re not old at all.” Long Xiao approached her and looked at the child in her arms. He reached out, attempting to carry him. “Zhi’er, let your uncle carry you.”

Zhi’er was about to doze off when he heard sudden movements. He flinched and immediately buried himself into Long Qingzhi’s arms. His big eyes were filled with fear.

The look in Long Qingzhi’s eyes dimmed when she saw this. She looked at Long Xiao apologetically. “Xiao’er, I’m sorry. Zhi’er went through some trauma and is still frightened.”

Long Xiao shook his head. “Royal Sister, don’t worry about it. I was the one who had acted rashly.”

He paused. “Have you gotten a physician to take a look at him?”

Long Qingzhi glanced at Long Yang and shook her head. “I haven’t. I was planning to get an imperial physician to see him when we return to the capital.”

Long Xiao suggested. “I have a physician in my mansion whose medical skills are quite good. If you are alright with it, I’ll get him here to take a look at Zhi’er.”

Long Qingzhi did not immediately say yes but continued to look at Long Yang.

Long Yang stood up and said to Long Xiao, “Eleventh Brother, I’ve left the capital for quite a while and I need to head back immediately. You’ll be in charge of escorting Royal Sister back to the capital.”

Long Xiao was wondering why he had suddenly made an appearance here. Now that he heard Long Yang’s words, he finally understood that Long Yang wanted him to escort their Royal Sister to the capital.

Long Xiao had found out through his contacts about the internal conflict happening within Danjue. His brother-in-law had died under the sword of his uncle, Wanyan Jin.

Moreover, he had also received news from the capital that his Royal Brother was making a trip to the South, which was when he had made the connection that his Royal Brother was probably headed to the frontier to pick up their Royal Sister. After all, his Royal Brother and Sister were close. Now that their Royal Sister had met with such calamity, his Royal Brother would bring her back to the Great Shang Kingdom, just as Long Xiao had expected.

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