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Chapter 417: 417

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Chapter 417: How Much Did He Hunger For The Touch Of A Woman

“I won’t be staying long. I need to return to the Palace to serve His Majesty. I wish you great prosperity and longevity, Dowager Duchess.” Zhao Qian gave the Dowager Duchess a sincere palm and fist salute while waiting for the junior eunuchs to arrange everything in place.

The Dowager Duchess nodded. “Thank you very much, Butler Zhao. If that is the case, I won’t trouble you by asking you to stay. Steward Wang, do give Butler Zhao a proper send-off on my behalf.”

Steward Wang immediately came forward to lead Zhao Qian out in a very friendly manner.

Zhao Qian gave Lu Liangwei a look before he left.

That look puzzled Lu Liangwei.

What did he mean?

Everyone present regained their senses once Zhao Qian left. They looked at the birthday gifts that had filled up the entire room and the way they looked at Lu Liangwei got even friendlier.

Why would His Majesty prioritize the Dowager Duchess’ birthday? They have heard that His Majesty had made a trip to the South. They had not expected him to send birthday gifts to the Dowager Duchess the moment he returned.

The pine and crane birthday gifts were not creations that had happened overnight. It could only mean that His Majesty had made early arrangements for this, and this had proved his sincerity for the occasion.

As for why His Majesty had looked upon the Dowager Duchess with great importance, it was no doubt that it was because Second Miss Lu was very important to him.

As she was important to him, so were the people close to her, and they were able to be blessed with the fortune of his concern.

No one had thought that the Second Miss Lu, whom they used to look down upon and called cheap and a disgrace in private, would one day enjoy such blessings.

For a moment, all the ladies and young misses present felt envious of her.

Who would have known that the Second Miss Lu who could, in their opinion, only marry a commoner and live her sorry life in shambles, would be the biggest winner in life, even overshadowing Lu Yunshuang, who was the Crown Princess?

This pair of sisters from the Lu family was truly incredible overachievers.

The smile on Lu Yunshuang’s face was close to faltering.

She, of course, could see what everyone was seeing.

His Majesty prioritized that stupid thing, Lu Liangwei, so much! This enraged Lu Yunshuang terribly!

Lu Liangwei must be feeling pretty good about herself right now.

If not for the inappropriateness of the current settings, Lu Yunshuang would have unhinged herself to vent her anger properly.

That moron, Lu Liangwei. Why did she deserve this? What right does she have for getting so much attention from His Majesty?

Also, His Majesty’s taste in women was questionable. Did he not know Lu Liangwei was unwanted by the Crown Prince? Why would he want something the Crown Prince has discarded?

How much did he hunger for the touch of a woman to want to pick something so undesirable and choose Lu Liangwei, the thing that was too shameful to even introduce in public?

Lu Yunshuang was so upset that she could have thrown up blood, but all she could do was force herself to tolerate this.

The Dowager Duchess was not bothered by everyone’s opinion. She knew that His Majesty’s considerate arrangement was because of Weiwei.

It looked like His Majesty truly appreciated Weiwei.

The Dowager Duchess was initially against their marriage, but His Majesty’s utmost concern for Weiwei slightly diminished her objection to the marriage.

Regardless, the most important thing was that His Majesty treated Weiwei well.

She rubbed Weiwei’s head as she thought about this, and said benevolently, “His Majesty does care about you.”

Lu Liangwei blinked and pretended not to understand. “What are you talking about? The one he cares about is you. The moment His Majesty’s gifts arrive, all of our gifts can’t even be compared to his.”

The Dowager Duchess pretended not to see through her. “Fine, fine, fine. The one His Majesty cares most about is me.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips curved upward as a warm feeling filled her heart.

She had never expected Long Yang to immediately prepare birthday gifts for her grandmother the moment he returned.

Zhao Qian’s words before were an excuse given by him, right?

It was not that he could not be present, but with Long Yang’s status, coming here to wish her grandmother a happy birthday would have caused a tense atmosphere. How would her grandmother enjoy her birthday in such a situation?

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