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Chapter 42: She Was Irreplaceable

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Chapter 42: She Was Irreplaceable

The situation bore a striking resemblance to the fervor of fans chasing after celebrities in the modern era.

However, if those people knew that she was the second Miss Lu, surely they would not chase after her blindly but would throw rotten vegetables at her instead.

Although the commoners had never seen the second Miss Lu before, her name was well-known throughout the imperial capital.

Of course, it was well-known for bad reasons.

Rumors claimed that the second Miss Lu was a shameless woman who tried to snatch her sister’s lover, which was basically an offense to public decency. The rumors were not pretty, but these unkind words were, of course, further aggravated by someone in the shadows…

“Second Miss Lu’s face is truly enchanting—to think it even made those ignorant commoners fight for your attention. Thank goodness that the Duke was wise and ordered the coachman to shake that riffraff off. If not, who knows what would have happened.”

Aunt Zheng looked like she had yet to recover from her shock, but her tone was odd and ambiguous.

Lu Liangwei gave her a sideways glance and smiled slightly. “You’re right, my father is naturally wise! However, even if Aunt Zheng was ten years younger, you still wouldn’t understand. This is something called natural beauty—I owe it all to my mother’s good looks which I inherited from her.

“I’m afraid that Aunt Zheng will never be able to experience the feeling of being fought over in your entire life. You’ll have to hope for a better reincarnation in your next life.”

A flicker of sinisterness flashed through Aunt Zheng’s eyes.

Back then, Madam Ling had completely mesmerized Lu Hetian with her alluring appearance. Although she was no longer around, she was still the only one in Lu Hetian’s heart and was essentially irreplaceable.

Moreover, there was no denying that this lowly tramp had indeed inherited Madam Ling’s beauty, and the charm she radiated bore a close resemblance to that dead b*tch Madam Ling.

Surely that was also why Lu Hetian doted on Lu Liangwei so much.

Aunt Zheng’s expression was a little distorted, and her fingertips dug deeper into her palms under her sleeves.


Lu Liangwei paid her no further attention after that. At this moment, Lu Hetian lifted the carriage curtains. “Weiwei, we’ve arrived at the palace.”

Seeing the man standing on one side of the carriage, Lu Liangwei nodded, got up, and exited the carriage.

Lu Hetian stood below the carriage, and as he stared at his daughter standing on the shaft, his expression became a little dazed.

However, he collected himself quickly and raised a hand to help Lu Liangwei down.

“Were you frightened by what happened just now?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head, then said a little playfully, “Those commoners were really enthusiastic, thank goodness the carriage got away swiftly.”

Lu Hetian observed her delicate, flawless face apprehensively. In hindsight, he should have let her wear a veiled hat.

He hated the commoner’s peeping gazes falling on his daughter’s face.

As the father and daughter spoke, they completely forgot about Aunt Zheng.

After they had finished talking, they headed off to the palace gates.

Aunt Zheng came out of the carriage and turned green with rage when she saw this.


When Lu Hetian heard her voice, only then did he remember Aunt Zheng’s presence. He turned his head and eyed her impatiently. “What are you dawdling about for?” he barked. “If you don’t want to enter the palace, just get lost and head back!”

By then, many people had already arrived at the palace gates. Hearing the duke’s loud reprimand, a fair number of people cast glances at Aunt Zheng.

The peculiar gazes made Aunt Zheng feel embarrassed but at the same time, she was even more livid.

That was just how Lu Hetian was. Although the two of them had been married for more than ten years, he often refused to save her face even when there were outsiders present.

Aunt Zheng got out of the carriage with a ghastly expression. No matter how resentful she felt, she did not dare to unleash her anger on Lu Hetian and had no choice but to force the bubbling anger back down.

Lu Liangwei glanced at Aunt Zheng without sympathy.

There was nothing good about Aunt Zheng anyway.

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