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Chapter 420: 420

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Chapter 420: Lu Liangwei Felt Like She Was About To Self-Combust

A smile flashed within Long Yang’s deep eyes when he saw this. He moved forward to take the bowl of noodles from her hand, and said cheerfully, “If I didn’t make my way here, I would never have found out how capable my little Empress is. You even know how to cook.”

Lu Liangwei was a little embarrassed as she said in a quiet voice, “Don’t call me that. I’m not an Empress yet.”

Long Yang took over the bowl of noodles with one hand and took one of hers with his other hand as they returned to the room.

“It will happen sooner or later.”

Lu Liangwei did not bother to correct him. When she saw him pick up the chopsticks and dip them into the bowl of noodles to begin eating, she could not help but give him a disclaimer, “I don’t really know your preference. I’m not sure if the noodles would suit your palate. Have a taste first and if you’re not used to it, there’s no need to force yourself.”

Long Yang paused his actions and looked at her. He replied seriously, “I don’t have any particular favorite food, nor is there anything I dislike. As long as it’s not fatty meat, I’m generally not a picky eater.”

Lu Liangwei was stunned.

Was he telling her his food preference?

The sight of his expression when he mentioned fatty meat reminded her of the first time she dined alone with him. She had purposely given him a piece of braised meat then, which was kind of fatty.

When she noticed the subtle expression on his face, she had already guessed that he might not like fatty meat, but he still ate it back then.

Come to think of it, now that he had mentioned specifically that he hated fatty meat, how did he even manage to force himself to eat it when he found it disgusting?



“Open your mouth,” the man’s voice was husky and gentle, with a tone that sounded like he was coaxing her.

For some reason, Lu Liangwei actually did open her mouth.

She only reacted when a chopstick full of noodles was fed into her mouth. By the time she tried to close her mouth, it was too late.

She looked at the smiling man opposite her with a stunned expression. “You’ve tired yourself out this entire day. I guess you must be hungry too by now. There’s too much in this bowl of noodles you’ve made. I can’t finish it by myself. Let’s eat it together.”

Lu Liangwei chewed the food in her mouth. She was about to say that she had already eaten during the banquet when she noticed something when he moved the chopsticks away from her mouth. Her pretty eyes widened in realization.

Just as she expected, after Long Yang pulled the chopsticks away from her mouth, he did not bother to wipe them. He used them to pick up more noodles and fed himself.

Lu Liangwei’s face turned red when she saw this.

Her saliva was on those chopsticks. Did he not mind that?

However, a memory of him kissing her flashed in her mind and she suddenly thought that he probably did not mind her saliva very much.

Lu Liangwei’s face turned even redder.

Long Yang noticed that her petite face had suddenly blushed bright red and paused. He asked curiously, “Why is your face so red? Are you feeling hot?”

He placed the chopsticks down as he said this, and placed his large hand on her forehead.

“It’s not burning.”

He was a little surprised when his fingers brushed down to touch her face.

“Your forehead is not burning, but your face is piping hot. What’s wrong with you? Are you feeling sick?”

Lu Liangwei felt like she was about to self-combust, and quickly pulled his hand away. “I’m fine. I think I’m just feeling hot from being in the kitchen for so long. I’ll just lie down for a little bit and I’m sure I’ll feel better.”

With that, she made a flustered escape into the inner room.

There was water prepared on the basin rack. She squeezed a damp towel dry and placed it on her face, planning to use it to cool herself down.

It took quite a while for the heat on her face to finally subside. She removed the towel and hung it back in its place.

She thought that Long Yang would probably not finish the noodles in such a short time, so she sat down while leaning against the bed’s pillar.

She was a little tired and wanted to doze for a bit so she would be in better spirits later.

However, it was not long before she started to feel genuinely sleepy. Her head was leaning against the pillar as she began to doze off, but she forced herself not to fall asleep.

Long Yang was sitting outside. In the beginning, he was able to discern a figure moving about inside through the folding screen, but it was not long before he could no longer see any movement. It was very quiet inside and not a sound came from within.

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