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Chapter 431: 431

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Chapter 431: Are You Feeling Bad For Him

Such a large number of people should inevitably alarm local officials, but the matter had not been exposed so far, so it was very likely that those officials were also part of the conspiracy.

This was the only way Lu Yunshuang could act so fearlessly.

However, if this were really true, Lu Yunshuang’s crime would be even more severe and may even involve the Grand Duke Family…

Thinking of this, Lu Liangwei frowned.

Long Yang had also thought of the possibility of officials being involved and was exceptionally furious.

If this were true, then even Lu Yunshuang and Chen Xuping’s deaths would not be sufficient to make up for their crimes, not to mention those officials involved, too…

Lu Liangwei peered at him and, seeing that he was showing signs of anger, hurriedly took his hand. “Your Majesty, Lu Yunshuang is Lu Yunshuang, and the things she did have nothing to do with the Grand Duke Family. My dad, grandmother, and the others know nothing about this. Please investigate this thoroughly.”

Long Yang lowered his gaze and looked at her holding his hand. The rage surging in him quietly dissipated, and he squeezed her hand back. “I know, don’t worry. Even if this felony turns out to be true, the Grand Duke Family won’t be involved.”

Relieved, Lu Liangwei asked softly, “Then is there any news from the person you sent to investigate, Your Majesty? Where was Chen Qiyu taken?”

“Xiawu Town,” Long Yang said lightly.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I was right, then.” After a pause, she pressed on, “Is Chen Qiyu alright?”

Long Yang pursed his lips and said nothing.

The covert guards only carried out his orders to watch the Eastern Palace and the Duke Chen Mansion, and Chen Qiyu was not part of their task. Even if she had been taken to that kind of place, they would not rescue her without his orders.

However, he could not say these words in front of Weiwei for fear that she would think him a cold-blooded person.

“When the covert guards found her, it was already too late,” he said tactfully.

Startled, Lu Liangwei said hesitantly, “So Chen Qiyu has already been…”

Long Yang squeezed her fingers. “Yes.” He raised his hand and stroked her head, not wanting her to be frightened, and said soothingly, “She’s just an insignificant person. There’s no need to bother too much about her.”

Lu Liangwei did not know Chen Qiyu. Although she sympathized with her a little, she would not go so far as to worry about her.

“The Crown Prince will surely have to wear the horns now,” she muttered under her breath.

However, Long Yang still caught her words, and his eyes narrowed. “Are you feeling bad for him?”

Lu Liangwei froze for a while, then blinked and looked at him in confusion. “What are you talking about? Why should I feel bad for him?”

Long Yang looked closely at her face. “Don’t you?”

“Of course not. What does his life or death have anything to do with me?” Lu Liangwei pulled her hand back indignantly. “Can’t you tell that I’m gloating?”

“Let me take a look.” Long Yang’s face relaxed slightly at her words, and he took her face in his hands and examined her closely. The displeasure in his eyes had already faded. Regardless of the truth of her words, he was still happy to hear her say that.

Lu Liangwei slapped his hand away and pursed her lips, saying, “I cut ties with him a long time ago. You still don’t believe me, do you?”

Long Yang paused. “I didn’t doubt you.”

Lu Liangwei snorted. “You did.”

Long Yang’s eyes narrowed. “I said I didn’t.”

Lu Liangwei was still a little unhappy.

She could understand his feelings. After all, the original host’s obsession with Long Chi was once the talk of the town. Nobody would believe that she could just suddenly lose all feelings for Long Chi, and Long Yang was probably no exception.

She did not care about what others thought of her, but she did not want Long Yang to think of her that way too.

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