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Chapter 435: 435

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Chapter 435: Caught Red-handed

This was his future father-in-law, after all. It was not beneficial for him to ignore this.

That was why he retreated back into Weiwei’s courtyard.

Lu Liangwei was shocked when she heard this. “Why would my father…”

“He must have noticed something when he entered the room just now.” Long Yang looked calm.

He comforted her. “Everything will be fine. You should return to your room.”

Lu Liangwei was about to say something when she saw Lu Hetian flying down from the rooftop. He stared sharply at Long Yang, not bothering to hide the sarcastic tone in his voice. “Oh, it’s you, Your Majesty. I thought some unruly intruder had come barging in.”

“I’ve led you to a misunderstanding, Grand Duke. The fault is mine” Long Yang nodded toward him good-naturedly, as if not noticing the disrespect in his tone.

Long Yang was actually feeling a shred of embarrassment from this situation.

He had gone into Weiwei’s room but was caught red-handed by Lu Hetian. He was in the wrong no matter how you looked at it.

Consequently, he was willing to stand there and face Lu Hetian’s rage.

Lu Liangwei was scared to the core when she heard the way her father was talking to Long Yang.

She could sense that her father was trying his very best to control his temper. However, this was the Emperor he was talking to. No matter how angry her father was, he should try to control himself. What would happen if he angered Long Yang?

Lu Hetian did not buy this, and his fury came to a boiling point.

He had never thought that His Majesty could actually do something so sneaky.

The day was bright and the sun was shining in the sky, yet this man had shamelessly barged into Weiwei’s private quarters.

What were they doing when he entered the room?

If he had not spotted the food basket on the table, he would never have guessed the Emperor was present in the room.

The food basket had the words ‘imperial kitchen’ carved on it.

Thinking of the possibility that the Emperor took advantage of Weiwei infuriated him so much that he was even considering killing the nation’s ruler.

Weiwei was his treasured daughter whom he pampered endlessly. He would not allow anyone to cast their greedy eyes on her. To him, it felt as if the little cabbage he had poured his sweat and tears to grow had been suddenly stolen by a pig.

Lu Hetian was so furious that he might throw up blood. He wanted nothing more than to chop up the unruly intruder named Long Yang with the sword in his hand.

However, despite how angry he felt, he was still latching on to his sense of reason. He did not say another word as he strode forward, pulling Lu Liangwei behind him.

He suppressed the anger in his voice with difficulty. “Your Majesty might be engaged to Weiwei, but you have yet to perform the marriage rites. Your Majesty should distance yourself to prevent giving Weiwei a bad reputation.”

Long Yang saw the rage in Lu Hetian’s eyes and clearly understood that if it was not for the fact that he was the Emperor, Lu Hetian would already have slashed at him with the sword.

He could understand Lu Hetian’s feelings, which was why he did not retort, but instead nodded. “I shall pay more attention to this.”

Lu Hetian’s choked on his anger at those words. The rage just lingered where it was; he was unable to force it down or release it.

It was a real shame that His Majesty was not someone he could just beat up to vent his anger. All he could do was keep the rage cooped up inside him.

Lu Liangwei noticed her father’s wrath and quickly hugged one of his arms. She shook it a little. “Father, it’s quite warm here. Let’s go into the room.”

Lu Hetian’s heart softened and his rage dissipated. When it came to his daughter’s coquettish expression, he could never get angry. He could not bear losing his temper at her. He took a deep breath and patted her hand. “Alright.”

With that, he pulled her hand and turned to enter the room, ignoring the Emperor completely.

Long Yang, “…”

As he observed the close relationship between father and daughter, he suddenly found that he felt quite unhappy about it.

There was really no need for them to be so close even if they were father and daughter.

He frowned.

Lu Liangwei suddenly turned around at this moment and winked at him, hinting at him to quickly leave.

The unhappiness Long Yang felt suddenly disappeared and he nodded a little exasperatedly.

Lu Hetian was still fuming to the top of his head, so it was not a good idea for Long Yang to stay any longer.

Long Yang finally left when he felt sure that Lu Hetian would not lose his temper at Lu Liangwei.

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