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Chapter 436: 436

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Chapter 436: Conducted The Extremely Shameless Act Of Barging Into A Girl’s Private Room

Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu emerged from a corner only after the courtyard was vacated.

Zhu Yu patted herself on the chest. “That was so scary. I thought the Grand Duke would end up starting a fight with His Majesty.”

Chu Jiu breathed a sigh of relief as well.

The Grand Duke looked so frightening just now. The man knew that the person in Miss’ room was His Majesty, yet he still dared to quietly assemble archers. It did not even bother him that the target was the Emperor.

The Grand Duke’s actions could be interpreted as a rebellion, but His Majesty had chosen to ignore it, possibly out of respect for Second Miss.

Otherwise, he would not have turned a blind eye against such disrespect from the Grand Duke.

The Grand Duke was also overreacting. Even if His Majesty was not behaving appropriately, he was still the ruler of a nation. There was no place in the world he was not allowed to enter.

The Grand Duke had probably reacted this way as a warning to His Majesty.

Nevertheless, thinking about it deeper, it was actually quite an embarrassing situation for His Majesty. He had visited the Second Miss’ room but was caught red-handed by her father.

Even with his noble status as ruler of the nation, he was still in the wrong when it came to such matters.

The Grand Duke loved and adored Second Miss very much. He must have been filled to the brim with rage.

If not for Second Miss cajoling him, the Grand Duke would have started an actual rebellion right then.

Even though Lu Hetian could not bear to reprimand Lu Liangwei while they were in the room, his heart was still filled with fiery rage which he had nowhere to vent.

At the thought of Long Yang acting against him to be alone with Weiwei in the room for such a long time, he could not help but wish he could kill the Emperor.

That bastard Emperor, Long Yang. How could he abuse his status to do whatever he wanted?

What nonsense it was about him being a fair ruler, a decent man who practiced abstinence, a pure-hearted person without worldly desires. Long Yang was clearly nothing but a lecher!

His Weiwei was a remarkable beauty, so soft and gentle. That unruly rascal by the name of Long Yang must have grabbed the opportunity to take advantage.

The more Lu Hetian thought about it, the more upset he was. He was determined to order his men to keep Dusklight Court under surveillance. If Long Yang dared come again, there would be no blaming him for not giving any respect!

Lu Liangwei made a cup of Kuding tea for her father.

“Father, this Kuding tea helps with cooling down a heaty body. Please have some.”

Lu Hetian looked at his obedient and filial daughter as he suppressed the frustration within him. He picked up the cup and took a sip.

Lu Liangwei sat at the chair opposite him.

Lu Hetian stared at his daughter. He seemed to want to say something, but was hesitant.

Lu Liangwei knew what was on his mind. She took the initiative to explain, “Father, His Majesty was only bringing me some food. There’s no need to worry about me.”

Lu Hetian opened his mouth. He wanted to ask about why she lied to him that she was sleeping when he came by. Was Long Yang with her in the bed?

However, this was something he should never ask.

No matter how close their relationship was as father and daughter, some questions were still inconvenient for a father to voice.

Lu Hetian felt quite gloomy when he thought about this. This bothered him a lot, but he could not bear to lose his temper at his daughter.

Besides, what good would that even do to Weiwei?

Long Yang was the Emperor. If he came looking for Weiwei, could she even be able to chase him off?

That was why, at the end of it all, Long Yang was the only one at fault.

Long Yang was already thirty-years-old, and yet acted with unabashed shamelessness.

He was supposed to be a noble Emperor, but he had conducted the extremely shameless act of barging into a girl’s private room.

Lu Hetian cursed Long Yang in his heart with relish, but still, his anger was not vented.

That bastard Emperor, Long Yang, looked like he knew his way around the place quite well. He must have done this more than once.

Lu Hetian’s face turned even darker at this thought. He would very much love to rush into the Palace right this moment and cut him down.

The expression on his face kept changing unpredictably. When he spotted the worried look on Weiwei’s face, he sighed silently in his heart. He stood up. “I know. I’m fine now. You should have a good rest. I’ll be leaving now.”

Lu Liangwei immediately got up as well. “Let me see you out, Father.”

Lu Hetian looked at his obedient and adorable daughter. No matter how angry he was, his wrath had now gradually diminished. He looked at her warmly. “There’s no need. It’s hot outside. You should keep yourself comfortable in your room.”

Weiwei could stop in her tracks when she heard this. “Be careful on your way back, Father.”

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