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Chapter 444: 444

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Chapter 444: Long Yang Did Not Want To Hold Back

If she accepted the offering, it would surely anger her father. If she did not…

However, it was food made by the imperial kitchen, which guaranteed that it was delicious.

While she was torn between rationality and desire, she heard Long Yang speak. “They added your favorite shredded cucumber to the liangpi today, so it will taste better than last time. There are also crystal shrimp dumplings. They’re fresh out of the pot and still warm.”

As the last word left his mouth, Lu Liangwei eagerly reached out and took the food box from him. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

The veins on Lu Hetian’s forehead throbbed.

So Long Yang used food to bewitch his daughter all this time?

What a despicable man!

Resisting the urge to throw a punch at Long Yang, he took a deep breath and said to Lu Liangwei, “Weiwei, it’s not good to eat so late at night. You can eat it tomorrow. You should go to bed early.”

Lu Liangwei tightened her grip on the food box and promised, “Dad, please let me eat just this once. I’ll never do it again.”

The corners of Long Yang’s mouth curved upward as he looked at her serious expression.

This girl really had no qualms with lying for the sake of food.

How many times had she already eaten at night?

Lu Hetian’s stone-cold heart softened abruptly at the actions of his adorable daughter. Gritting his teeth, he said, “Alright, just this once.” He then pushed her by the shoulders and urged, “It’s late. Go inside and eat, then go to bed earlier.”

Lu Liangwei exhaled in relief. “Alright, Dad.” After taking two steps with the food box in her hands, she remembered Long Yang and turned to look at him. “You should go back earlier too, Your Majesty. Good night.”

With that, she walked briskly indoors.

Long Yang had felt a little glum at first, but now that she bade him goodnight, he was content once again.

Although he could not hug her or hold her hand, this was enough to satisfy him.

He turned to look at Lu Hetian. “Since Weiwei’s about to go to bed, you shouldn’t work so hard either, Grand Duke. Your health is more important, so you should get some rest soon.”

Lu Hetian was still dwelling on the scene of Weiwei saying goodnight to Long Yang with a pang of jealousy. When he heard the Emperor’s words, his voice suddenly became icy. “The same goes to you, Your Majesty. We’re not young anymore, so we should indeed rest earlier. Have a safe journey back, Your Majesty!”

He deliberately put emphasis when he uttered the words ‘not young anymore’.

Long Yang paused in his tracks. If this person in front of him were not his future father-in-law, he would not hold back in this situation. At the very least, he would demote the man to a place far, far away.

However, no matter how much he wanted to retaliate, he had to endure it. This person in front of him was his future father-in-law, and he could not get into his bad books.

Taking a deep breath, he said insincerely, “You’re right, Grand Duke. I’ll go back and sleep right now.” Without another glance at him, he leaped onto the roof and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Lu Hetian exhaled grumpily, feeling that it was really not a blessing to have an emperor as a son-in-law. Even if he wanted to scold him, he had to choose his words carefully.

Moreover, this son-in-law of his was unpredictable, astute, and ruthless. He seriously could not afford to offend him.

Lu Hetian felt troubled.

After Lu Liangwei had finished her food inside the house, she planned to wash up and prepare to go to sleep.

Just before she got into her bed, she remembered that she had not asked Long Yang her question.

However, with her father’s presence just now, she could not simply open her mouth to ask.

After all, this matter involved Lu Yunshuang, so it was best not to let her father know.

Jiuhua Temple, the palace suburbs.

Incense wafted through the air, and the rhythmic beating of wooden fish created a solemn atmosphere.

Lu Yunshuang had been sitting on the round cushion for nearly two hours, but she still did not dare to get up.

Opposite her, Empress Dowager Xiaojing remained seated reverently, beating the wooden fish in her hands and chanting her prayers.

The more Lu Yunshuang listened to the sound of the wooden fish, the more frustrated she became.

She was doing alright in the Eastern Palace. Why did she have to come here?

Surely those pesky concubines swarm toward Long Chi the second she left?

The thought upset her even more.

However, this was the Empress Dowager’s decree, and she did not dare to disobey it.

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