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Chapter 452: 452

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Chapter 452: She Felt So Comfortable In His Majesty’s Arms

“Of course.” Lu Liangwei looked into his eyes as her heart skipped a beat. Her voice also turned softer.

Long Yang tried his best to exert self-control as he hugged her in his arms and stayed silent.

Lu Liangwei objected to this. “It’s really warm.”

She had just voiced this out when she felt a cooling sensation coming from her back.

Lu Liangwei stopped talking when she noticed this.

There was a sweet feeling in her heart. His Majesty was like a mobile air-conditioner.

A smile flashed in Long Yang’s dark eyes as he watched the girl snuggled in his arms.

This girl did not like the heat and preferred the cool temperature.

His palm stuck close to her back as he continuously imparted cool air into her body. However, despite using the Icy Heart Incantation, he was still sweating slightly. There was even a thin layer of sweat on his forehead.

Lu Liangwei was so comfortable that she did not notice the change in him.

She was immersed in her thoughts, pondering that if hugging His Majesty during summer could dispel heat, would hugging him during winter help rid the cold?

At the thought of it, she blurted out, “Your Majesty, is your physique the type that is warm during winter and cool during summer? Would I be able to repel the cold if I hugged you during the winter season?”

Long Yang’s voice was slightly husky as he replied. “Would you like to find out?”

Lu Liangwei nodded as her dark eyes stared back at him. “Yes.”

“You’ll find out during winter.” Long Yang tousled her hair, as he said this with ulterior meaning. He somehow felt that he had just put himself in a troubling situation.

The girl’s body was so soft and fragrant. He could not help feeling restless hugging her in his arms, yet he was not able to do anything. Was this not a troubling situation he had placed himself in?

Lu Liangwei stopped asking further when she heard what he said. She closed her eyes to rest.

She felt so comfortable in His Majesty’s arms. The uncomfortable heat she felt had disappeared. It was cold and cooling now, and it felt more comfortable than air-conditioning.

Long Yang smiled bitterly when he noticed how comfortable she looked.

The journey to the imperial holiday home was not too far. It was not long before they arrived.

Zhao Qian drove the horse carriage and entered the imperial holiday home directly.

It was the season of July and the weather was hot and humid. However, the imperial holiday home was quite cooling.

Lu Liangwei ended up staying there for the entire day and Long Yang only brought her home during the evening.

Lu Tingchen had been waiting outside the mansion quite early on. When he saw she had returned, he immediately approached her. “Weiwei.”

“Big brother, what are you doing here?” Lu Liangwei was curious.

Lu Tingchen was about to reach out and knock her on the head when he saw the curtains in the horse carriage open, revealing Long Yang’s figure.

Lu Tingchen froze in action. He took a few steps forward and bowed at him. “Your Majesty.”

Long Yang acknowledged him with a nod and instructed, “Weiwei enjoyed herself at the imperial holiday home the entire day and she’s tired. Bring her back to rest.”

Lu Tingchen frowned before replying respectfully, “Yes, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang said nothing else as his gaze turned toward the young girl standing by the mansion’s entrance. A smile flashed in his eyes as he closed the curtain and ordered Zhao Qian to begin the journey back.

Lu Tingchen sighed heavily when he saw the horse carriage moving far off. When he turned to look at Lu Liangwei, there was a very dark and gloomy expression on his handsome face.

“Lu Liangwei, how dare you ignore Grandmother’s lecture and be in contact with His Majesty privately? Do you even remember that young girls should behave in a dignified way?”

Lu Liangwei felt a little guilty as she watched her big brother walked closer. She lowered her head. “I know. I won’t do it again next time.”

Lu Tingchen sniggered. “There’s a next time?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head and promised, “No, there won’t be.”

However, in her heart, she was complaining about how difficult it was for her to reject His Majesty when he persisted to come to look for her.

Her big brother was not able to vent his anger at His Majesty, so he was bullying his weak and pitiful little sister. This was too much!

Lu Tingchen sighed when he saw her apologizing. He held her shoulders and said solemnly, “Weiwei, a girl should learn to be more reserved. Otherwise, the man would never cherish you.”

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