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Chapter 453: 453

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Chapter 453: He Was Willing To Do Anything For Her

Lu Liangwei looked at her big brother’s handsome face and asked, “Big brother, you like reserved women?”

Lu Tingchen thought about this and nodded. “It’s better for a woman to be a little reserved.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I know now”

Lu Tingchen raised an eyebrow. “What do you know?”

“I’ll inform Grandmother later that you like reserved women. I’ll request Grandmother to pick a granddaughter-in-law based on this standard.” A cunning look flashed in Lu Liangwei’s eyes.

Lu Tingchen suddenly realized he had walked into this girl’s trap.

“Lu Liangwei, if you dare spout any nonsense, I won’t let you off easily!” Lu Tingchen was in a rage.

Lu Liangwei had already run away.

“I’m going to find Grandmother.”

Lu Tingchen was frenzy with anger and immediately chased after her.

Of course, Lu Liangwei did not end up reaching Longevity Hall as she had bumped into Chu Jiu halfway there.

Lu Liangwei immediately hid behind Chu Jiu when she saw Lu Tingchen about to catch up.

Chu Jiu stood where she was, protecting Lu Liangwei. She stared coldly at Lu Tingchen.

Lu Tingchen’s sharp eyebrows furrowed when he saw Chu Jiu, and he turned to walk away.

Lu Liangwei felt relieved when she saw this. She held Chu Jiu at the shoulders and lamented, “Jiu, you truly are my lucky star.” Her big brother had turned to walk away when he saw Chu Jiu. Chu Jiu was clearly her big brother’s nemesis.

Chu Jiu’s expression softened slightly, but spoke straightforwardly, “The shop location has been found and the money has been paid.”

Lu Liangwei nodded when she heard this. “Alright, thank you.”

However, Chu Jiu suddenly said, “Miss Er Mu wants very much to see you. It seems to be quite urgent.”

Lu Liangwei immediately knew what it was about when she heard this. “It’s fine. I’ll see her tomorrow.”

In the cold, dark prison.

Chen Xuping was leaning against the corner of the wall. His face was bruised all over while he faced his family’s anger and gibes. He did not seem to be affected.

“How did our family produce such scum like you?”

“Have you ever given a thought to us when you did all of those things? Just look at what has happened. You’ve dragged the entire family down just because of your doings.”

The womenfolk cried hysterically. “What wrong have we done?”

“Chen Xuping, why didn’t you just die?” Aunt Liu grabbed onto the prison bars and screamed hysterically toward the prison cell opposite her.

If it was not for the metal bars being locked, she would have rushed forward to tear that bastard apart.

Her daughter was missing and now, she was being dragged into prison because of someone else’s fault. Why did she have such a pitiful life?

Duke Chen looked old and frail. If he were to know that his entire family would be implicated because of this son, he would have choked the boy to death the moment he was born.

Duke Chen was deeply enraged. The temper he had tried to suppress for the last few days finally erupted.

He stood up and walked toward his son at the corner.

“You bastard, why did you do such a terrible and offensive thing?”

He kicked and punched Chen Xuping as he said this.

Chen Xuping did not resist.

He had indeed implicated his entire family because of this. If someone were to ask him if he regretted this, he did not.

All he wanted to do his entire life, was to watch over Lu Yunshuang. He was willing to do anything for her as long as she was safe.

Duke Chen finally stopped when his son was wounded all over.

Their family was supposed to be enjoying their glory days, but they had fallen because of his wrongdoings, to the extent of sacrificing dozens of innocent lives.

Duke Chen was only forty over years old, but now, he looked like an elderly man of seventy or eighty. His face was filled with sorrow and despair.

Right then, footsteps were heard coming from outside the prison cell. It was not long before the sound of those footsteps stopped right outside the prison cell.

“Second Miss Lu, Chen Xuping is locked up in here,” the prison guard’s voice rang out eagerly.

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