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Chapter 455: 455

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Chapter 455: It Was Filthy To Even Take Another Glance At Her

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Deep hatred boiled within Chen Xuping’s eyes.

This venomous b*tch!

Lu Liangwei saw the hatred in his eyes and was suddenly curious. “I’m very curious about something. If you like Lu Yunshuang, go ahead and like her. Why would you hate me to the core? I’m not the one who snatched Lu Yunshuang from you, it was the Crown Prince. Shouldn’t the Crown Prince be the one you should hate the most?”

Chen Xuping looked at her face, which was pretty as a blooming flower. What an ironic situation.

It was true. The prettier the face, the more vicious the heart.

He remembered that night all those years ago, the memory of his beloved little white kitten dying a horrible death..

The murderous look in his eyes got deeper.

“Lu Yunshuang is such a kind-hearted person. You’re her younger sister, yet you are nothing like her. Shuang’er’s tears would fall sorrowfully for the smallest of creatures, yet, you are so cruel that you wouldn’t even let a kitten live.”

Lu Liangwei drew a blank. “What kitten?”

She remembered something and looked strangely at him. “That doesn’t sound right. Lu Yunshuang detests little animals. She can’t cry sorrowful tears over them. Are you sure she wasn’t crying with joy?”

Chen Xuping was so angry that his eyes seemed to want to pop out. “Lu Liangwei, do you think everyone is as evil as you are?”

Lu Liangwei shrugged. “Regardless of how evil I am, what’s it got to do with you? Have I even given you any trouble?”

Chen Xuping remembered his kitten that had died horribly and the unborn baby in Lu Yunshuang’s tummy. He looked into Lu Liangwei’s eyes as if he could tear her apart alive.

“Lu Liangwei, have you completely forgotten the evil thing you have done when you were young? Even if you do not remember your evil deeds back then, you should still remember what happened to Shuang’er, right?”

Lu Liangwei gave him a puzzled look. “What happened when I was young?”

She suddenly had a feeling that Chen Xuping’s animosity toward her began when they were young.

“Tell me about it.”

Chen Xuping thought she was doing this on purpose just to humiliate him, hence he stayed silent.

Lu Liangwei stared at him and suddenly thought about what he had said earlier. Something stirred in her. “Are you trying to say that I killed your kitten?”

Chen Xuping sneered. “You’ve finally admitted it.”

Lu Liangwei pondered. Was that it? Was it really what she had guessed?

The original owner of her body loved kittens. She would never do something so cruel. Something must have happened in between.

“I don’t remember what happened when we were young, but I don’t think you’re aware that I love kittens the most. I would never kill any cats. However, you must have some sort of misunderstanding toward your beloved Lu Yunshuang. I remember that she hates little animals, especially kittens.”

Chen Xuping was taken aback but quickly retorted in agitation. “That’s not possible. Lu Liangwei, don’t you try to blame Shuang’er for something evil that you did. She’s such a kind soul, stopping me from killing you at every chance, but you’re a venomous, evil woman. How do you even treat her?”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched.

It looked like this idiot, Chen Xuping, has been completely played by Lu Yunshuang, yet remained unaware.

She gave him a slightly pitiful look at this thought.

“What an idiot!”

Chen Xuping’s eyes gleamed of murderous intent upon hearing her.

Lu Liangwei said, “I initially thought you had some sort of misunderstanding toward Lu Yunshuang, which I could not care less, but just take a look at how stupid you are. Such a pitiful thing. What do you think about taking a bet with me?”

Chen Xuping sneered as he turned away. It was filthy to even take another glance at her.

Lu Liangwei was not bothered. “If I’m able to prove that you were wrong about Lu Yunshuang, you would go to Lin Qingyuan’s grave and give her three sincere kowtows there to show your remorse for what you have done.”

Chen Xuping was taken aback at suddenly hearing the name, Lin Qingyuan. He quickly composed himself. “Lu Liangwei, what game are you trying to play? Aren’t you always at odds with Lin Qingyuan? Why are you helping her now? She’s been dead for so long after all.”

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