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Chapter 457: 457

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Chapter 457: You’re Becoming Even More Brutal Now

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei agreed.

She was also quite curious about how Lu Yunshuang managed to brainwash Chen Xuping.

It was clear that whatever Lu Yunshuang did was utterly devoid of conscience, yet she could somehow still make Chen Xuping think that she was kind and benevolent, to the extent that he would defend her continuously.

The next day.

Lu Yunshuang had just returned to the Eastern Palace from Jiuhua Temple when she saw Hong Xiu running over anxiously toward her.

“Your Highness, you’re finally back.”

Lu Yunshuang frowned. “Why are you in such a panic?”

There was a strange look on Hong Xiu’s face. She moved closer and whispered, “Beauty Chen is back.”

A look of hate and disgust appeared on Lu Yunshuang’s face. “How does she dare return so shamelessly? How could His Highness even allow it?”

Hong Xiu also had an astonished look on her face. “His Highness has no idea where she has been. Moreover, Beauty Chen is pregnant. Butler Zhao was the one who had sent her back to the Eastern Palace personally. He said Beauty Chen had fainted by the roadside the last time she left the Palace, and was saved by a commoner. She was treated for a few days before feeling better, which was why she had only returned now. She bumped into Eunuch Zhao on the way back and he escorted her back. Regardless of how suspicious His Highness felt about this, Eunuch Zhao is His Majesty’s man, after all. On top of that, Beauty Chen is now pregnant, which is why His Highness did not question further about it.”

This news was like a thunderbolt that struck Lu Yunshuang out of the blue.

That cheap slut Chen Qiyu was actually pregnant?

Lu Yunshuang’s face immediately darkened.

“Who’s to say that the child in her tummy isn’t a bastard? How dare she make such a shameless return to the Eastern Palace?”

Hong Xiu had also found the entire situation incredulous, but she reminded Lu Yunshuang nevertheless, “Beauty Chen is one month pregnant. It was only half a month ago when she went missing.”

That meant Beauty Chen was already pregnant when she disappeared. That child definitely belonged to the Crown Prince.

Lu Yunshuang trembled with rage.

It took her so much effort to finally send Chen Qiyu into the brothel and sully her purity. She had never expected Chen Qiyu to have such luck.

If she had known this would happen, she would have ended Chen Qiyu’s life on the spot.


A cat’s meow was heard right then.

Lu Yunshuang frowned with annoyance. She was about to move her feet and storm away when a cat suddenly jumped lithely in front of her.

It was a snow-white cat with black, spirited eyes. It looked so pretty that even Hong Xiu found it delightful, but Lu Yunshuang aimed a kick at it, intending to kick away the little cat that was blocking her way.

However, she did not manage to kick the cat as a swift figure suddenly flew by, blocking the leg that was about to stamp on the little cat.

Lu Yunshuang’s eyes narrowed. “Who are you?”

She immediately threw a slap at the person as she said this.

Chu Jiu evaded her easily.

The little cat took the opportunity to scurry off.

At that moment, a young girl in a green dress came walking by. She bent over to pick up the little cat.

Lu Yunshuang’s eyes narrowed. “Lu Liangwei?”

Lu Liangwei hugged the little cat and smiled as she looked at her. “Big Sis, it’s only been a few days since we last met and you already don’t recognize me?”

Lu Yunshuang clenched her fist tight. “How did you…”

“Big Sis, you’re becoming even more brutal now. You don’t have to kick the cat just because you don’t like it. It’s so tiny. How could it survive a kick from you?” Lu Liangwei interrupted her as she lowered her head and caressed the little cat in her arms.

Lu Yunshuang was speechless.

She hated cats with a passion, which was why there were no cats in the entire Eastern Palace. Moreover, she had just received the news about Chen Qiyu when a cat suddenly lunged in front of her. This annoyed her further, which was why she lashed out at it without even thinking twice.

She took a deep breath. “Lil Sis, does that cat belong to you?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “That’s right.”

She suddenly lifted the cat and pushed it in front of Lu Yunshuang. “Take a look, isn’t this cat adorable?”

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