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Chapter 458: 458

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Chapter 458: His Heart Turned Colder At This Discovery

Lu Yunshuang was startled and tilted her head back, resisting the urge to snuff out the kitten’s life right there.

Seemingly unaware of her reaction, Lu Liangwei continued to hold the kitten up and said innocently, “Big Sis, don’t you think that this kitten looks like the one Chen Xuping kept when he was a child? I’ve seen it before. Chen Xuping treasured it very much, but I think it disappeared at some point. Do you remember, Big Sis?”

When Lu Yunshuang heard this, her pupils shrank, and her expression became uncomfortable. “What kitten? How come I don’t remember?”

“You really don’t remember? I heard that when Chen Xuping buried the kitten, you were with him and helped him. How could you forget?” Lu Liangwei said curiously.

“How can I remember something that happened so long ago?” Lu Yunshuang frowned, her expression getting even more uncomfortable.

“I see. Well, considering how much you hate cats, I guess that you won’t remember a cat that you only met once as a child.” Lu Liangwei shrugged. Seeing that she did not refute this, she turned and left with the kitten in her arms.

Chu Jiu immediately followed.

Lu Yunshuang glared at Lu Liangwei’s retreating figure.

Why was she here at the Eastern Palace?

Lu Yunshuang wanted to go after her and question her, but she suddenly caught sight of Long Chi hurrying back from outside.

She had not seen him for a few days, and a look of delight crossed her face when she saw him.

Did he rush back to see her after hearing the news of her return?

She was about to rush up to Long Chi when she saw him plant himself in front of Lu Liangwei, blocking her path.

Lu Yunshuang stopped in her tracks, the joy freezing on her face, her grip on her handkerchief tightening.

Looking at the man blocking her path, Lu Liangwei said indifferently, “Crown Prince, you’re in my way.”

Long Chi gazed at the girl in front of him with a hungry look on his face.

He had not seen her for a few days, and she seemed to have become even more beautiful.

Her light green dress brought out the fairness and delicacy of her skin, and she had styled her hair in a high chignon. There were no other ornaments except for a few pearls in her hair, which offered her look an exquisite and unique touch.

She stood there gracefully with the kitten in her arms, a picture of radiance and loveliness.

Long Chi’s chest tightened, and he raised his hand unconsciously to touch her face.

However, before he could touch her face, Chu Jiu had already pulled Lu Liangwei behind her back, shielding her.

At the sight of the unfamiliar woman in front of him, Long Chi’s interest melted away completely. Frowning in disgust, he wanted to push her away but heard Lu Liangwei say, “My dear nephew, if you were planning to bow to me, you don’t have to. Your royal aunt still has things to do, so I’ll be leaving now. Jiu, let’s go!”

Following her words, Chu Jiu escorted her away.

As Long Chi stared at the girl walking away, greedy determination flashed through his eyes.

Lu Yunshuang was boiling with fury after witnessing the scene just now with her own eyes.

Long Chi had never looked at her that way before, but he just did that to Lu Liangwei.

Anyone who was not completely blind could tell what he was thinking.

Suppressing the hatred in her heart, Lu Yunshuang went up to him. “Greetings, Your Highness.”

She was about to curtsy when Long Chi helped her up.

Long Chi stared at her face intensely, only to find that she did not look like Lu Liangwei at all.

Even if they were not born of the same mother, at least they shared the same father. Why were they so unalike?

Long Chi’s heart turned colder at this revelation.

His mind was full of Lu Liangwei’s face just now.

Who would not desire to have such a beautiful and delicate woman all to himself?

Especially when she had nearly become his woman once.

Long Chi let go of Lu Yunshuang’s hand, his tone somewhat distant, “You came back just in time. Beauty Chen is pregnant. Take good care of her, and don’t let anything happen to the child.”

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