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Chapter 46: : A Match Made In Heaven

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Chapter 46: A Match Made In Heaven

Lu Liangwei was very composed and completely different from her usual hot-headedness.

Lin Qingyuan shot her a suspicious glance before saying sardonically, “Lu Liangwei, don’t think you can get away with this by playing dumb.”

As she spoke, she leaned down next to Lu Liangwei’s ear and said threateningly, “If you dare to harbor any more indecent intentions toward the Crown Prince, you’d better tread carefully, or else you might just die one day without knowing why.”

Lu Liangwei blinked. “Miss Lin, why are you in such a hurry to stand up for Lu Yunshuang? Has she promised you some sort of benefit?”

Lin Qingyuan snapped angrily, “Yunshuang is my good friend. I just can’t stand seeing you—her sister—daring to steal her man. A shameless and immoral woman like you should die a horrible death!”

As Lu Liangwei listened to her increasingly vicious words, a coldness flashed through her eyes, and she stood up all of a sudden.

Lin Qingyuan did not expect this sudden action, and as she was caught off guard, her chin was met with a forceful hit and instantly turned red.

She gasped in pain, “Lu Liangwei, you!”

Lu Liangwei looked back at her innocently. “Miss Lin, we aren’t that familiar with each other, so please don’t come so close to me next time.”

Lin Qingyuan, “…”

Lu Liangwei refused to give her a chance to react and continued speaking, “Also, when it comes to stealing men, isn’t that Lu Yunshuang’s specialty? As her close friend, shouldn’t you be aware of that? Don’t you know who met the Crown Prince first and who interfered later on?”

Lin Qingyuan was stunned.

Before Lu Yunshuang came to be acquainted with the Crown Prince, it seemed that he was indeed closer to Lu Liangwei. However, he somehow swore to marry no one but Lu Yunshuang later on.

A mocking look flickered in Lu Liangwei’s eyes.

Everyone said that Lu Liangwei bothered the Crown Prince relentlessly and continued to do so even after her sister had married him in hopes of interfering with their marriage.

However, they did not know that Lu Yunshuang was the real intruder.

If she had not pulled some strings in secret, the Crown Prince would have married Lu Liangwei and Lu Liangwei would not have died in the story.

Nevertheless, she was not interested in that scumbag Crown Prince. The combination of a scumbag and a b*tch was a match made in heaven.

She wanted nothing to do with them, yet some people just refused to let her off the hook.

“Sacrificing yourself for your good friend shows that you’re a righteous person, but only if others think the same way. Don’t let the time come when your fiancé gets seduced by someone else while you’re kept in the dark,” Lu Liangwei said pointedly all of a sudden.

Lin Qingyuan was about to lash out, but when she saw the faint smile on Lu Liangwei’s face, for some reason, she suddenly thought of her fiancé Chen Xuping.

Seeing that the girl seemed to have thought of something, Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched into a slight smile.

As the female lead, Lu Yunshuang was the center of everyone’s love and attention.

Other than the male lead, there were also a few male supporting characters who were devoted to her, and one of them was Lin Qingyuan’s fiancé, Chen Xuping.

Qin Wanru saw that Lin Qingyuan, who had originally been slandering Lu Liangwei, had suddenly gone into a daze and become absent-minded because of something Lu Liangwei had said.

Frowning, she suddenly picked up a cup of tea from the table and splashed it onto Lu Liangwei’s face.

“Lu Liangwei, you shameless woman. You have no right to be standing here.”

Lu Liangwei was standing sideways to her and did not notice Qin Wanru’s actions.

As a chorus of exclamations broke out across the hall, Lu Liangwei felt a cold liquid splash on her face, and it quickly proceeded to flow down her chin and neck.

Everything had happened so suddenly that Lu Liangwei was stunned.

Seeing this, Qin Wanru was very pleased with herself.

“Lu Liangwei, a shameless woman like you should be tied to a ducking-stool… ahh!”

Before Qin Wanru could finish, she let out a scream.

Everyone turned to see that Qin Wanru’s face had become sopping wet, and her appearance looked even more embarrassing than Lu Liangwei.

“It is impolite not to return for what one receives,” Lu Liangwei said coldly, picking up a copper basin from the table and splashing water once again on Qin Wanru. The water inside had been used for washing hands.

“You toasted to me once, so I shall toast to you twice to show my sincerity.”

Qin Wanru was splashed in the face once again without warning. The whole basin of water dripped down her cheeks, instantly drenching her clothes.

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