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Chapter 464: 464

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Chapter 464: No Matter How Much He Wanted Her To Stay, He Could Only Steel His Heart

Thinking of this, she could not help leaning closer to Long Yang and whispering, “Butler Zhao doesn’t have any weird hobbies, does he?”

As Long Yang looked at the girl brushing against him, a smile flitted across his eyes. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he leaned closer and asked in her ear, “Which aspect do you mean?”

“Does Butler Zhao have a dark side and likes to abuse cats?” There was a tickle on Lu Liangwei’s ear, but she did not pay too much attention to it.

“Zhao Qian does have a dark side, but he won’t go so far as to abuse cats. You can let him raise the kitten for you, there’s no need to worry.” There was a shadow of a smile on Long Yang’s face.

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei relaxed.

With Long Yang’s assurance, she believed that Zhao Qian would take good care of Lil White.

“Thank you, Butler Zhao.” Lu Liangwei passed the kitten to Zhao Qian carefully.

Seeing this, Zhao Qian gingerly took the kitten from her, gazing at it with kind eyes.

Lu Liangwei shuddered at the sight. Although she could not stand the perverted way Zhao Qian gazed at Lil White, at least Lil White would receive proper care.

She had found this kitten when she left the prison.

It was dirty at that time and, perhaps because it had been starving for ages, it was just crouching there motionlessly. Chu Jiu caught it without difficulty and after she bathed and fed it, it became much more energetic.

This kitten was very intelligent. Most likely because Lu Liangwei had given it a meal, it immediately cozied up to her.

She was actually a little reluctant to give it to Zhao Qian, but Long Yang was right—she did have a lot to do and had no time to take care of it.

She still needed to make arrangements for the medicinal shop and preparations for the wedding.

Lil White curled up in Zhao Qian’s arms, staring at Lu Liangwei with its glittering dark eyes.

Lu Liangwei forced herself to look away and tried to bid Long Yang goodbye in a relaxed manner.

“Your Majesty, it’s getting late. I really need to leave now.”

“Alright, I’ll see you off.” Suppressing the sadness in his heart, Long Yang took her hand and led her out of Hidden Dragon Palace.

He had abandoned half a day of work, but no matter how much he wanted this girl to stay, he could do nothing but steel his heart and see her off.

Otherwise, he would really become a foolish and self-indulgent ruler.

He was suddenly aware of how much influence this girl had on him. Fortunately, she was pure-hearted and kind. If she had wanted to interfere with court affairs, he would probably let her have her way too.

Seeing him go silent, Lu Liangwei could not help shaking his arm and asking softly, “You’re frowning, Your Majesty. Is there something troubling you?”

Coming back to his senses, Long Yang paused, then glanced at her. “It’s nothing, actually. It’s just that Royal Sister should be arriving soon, and Zhi’er had a shock. I was wondering if you can heal him with your medical skills.”

Lu Liangwei had heard him mention Wanyan Zhi’s condition before. She frowned and said, “From your description, Zhi’er is probably suffering from mental illness because what happened at that time had left him with trauma. His father’s death was a big shock for him, and when he couldn’t process it all at once, it ended up wounding him greatly. He might not be able to recover from it so soon. When he arrives, I’ll examine him again.”

It was more appropriate to let a psychiatrist treat a condition like Wanyan Zhi’s, but there was no such occupation in this era. However, she had studied some psychology before, and she would see what she could do to treat Wanyan Zhi later on.

Long Yang nodded. “You’re right. Zhi’er is indeed suffering from mental illness.”

Lu Liangwei said comfortingly, “You don’t need to worry too much. Because it’s a mental illness, as long as Zhi’er receives proper guidance, he’ll definitely recover.”

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