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Chapter 466: 466

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Chapter 466: What Would She Even Be Doing In His Sleeping Quarters

Long Yang could not help teasing her when he saw her behaving this way. He answered with a laugh, “The Hidden Dragon Palace and my sleeping quarters.”

Lu Liangwei shot a look at him. What would she even be doing in his sleeping quarters?

Long Yang continued on more seriously, “This is a royal token. It’s different from a common warrant. This royal token represents my presence. It’s not limited to the Palace; you can go anywhere you want with this.”

Lu Liangwei was slightly astonished when she heard this.

If that was the case, this royal token was highly important, right?

If it represented the Emperor’s presence, it was capable of summoning the army, right?

Moreover, if she harbored any thought of starting a rebellion, she could make use of this royal token and replace Long Yang.

Lu Liangwei began to take this very seriously. She pushed the royal token back to him and frowned, saying grimly, “This is too important. You shouldn’t give it to me. I fear I might lose it.”

It would be terrible if she lost it one day and someone with ill intentions made use of it instead.

Long Yang looked at her in amusement. “There’s no need to be so worried about it. It’s fine even if you lose it.”

Lu Liangwei stared at him. “What do you mean that it’s fine even if I lose it? Would it be fine if your country was snatched by someone else?”

She was slightly taken aback by her own words and awkwardly added, “I went too far.”

Long Yang did not take it to heart. Instead, he pressed her head against his chest, right across where his heart was. He replied softly, “As long as you’re by my side, I will be fine even if I lose the country.”

With that, he stuffed the royal token into her pouch.

Lu Liangwei’s body stiffened.

Was he implying that she was more important than his country?

She lifted her head to look at him, stunned.

He was so tall. She could only see his bright, clean chin when she looked up at him from this angle.

Long Yang lowered his head and met her protuberant eyes that were staring at him. He could not resist tightening his arms around her as he lowered his head, touching her pink, moist lips. He kissed her lightly and then patted her gently on the back. “Alright, weren’t you about to leave the Palace? You should leave soon before your grandmother gets worried.”

Lu Liangwei gave a start and nodded in a daze. “Right.”

With that, she called out to Chu Jiu. “Jiu, let’s head back.”

Chu Jiu immediately came forward when she heard Lu Liangwei’s summons.

Lu Liangwei repressed the urge to turn back and look at Long Yang. She grabbed Chu Jiu’s hand and ran off anxiously.

Long Yang placed his hands behind his back, standing where he was quiet for a while as he watched the girl leave.

A curve appeared on his lips as he remembered the look on the girl’s face.

He turned back, only to see Prudence Consort walking toward him.

The gentle look on his face vanished immediately as an intimidating expression replaced the one on his face.

Ji Linghui lowered her head as she curtsied at him demurely. “Your consort pays respect to you, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang replied with indifference. “You may rise.”

After saying that, he strode off.

Zhao Qian carried Lil White and hurried after him. “Master, what should I do with Second Miss Lu’s cat?”

“Didn’t you promise her that you would treat it as your son? You should take good care of it, of course.”

Zhao Qian, “…”

He had said those words to get Second Miss Lu to hand the cat over to him without worry. However, his master had actually taken it seriously.

Who would want an animal for a son?

What a rough life he had!

Ji Linghui’s fingers dug into her flesh as she listened to the conversation between master and servant.

She had actually been nearby just now when the Emperor was being intimate with Lu Liangwei, and she witnessed everything clearly.

A jealous flame began to grow within her, almost combusting her.

His Majesty actually acted in such a gentle manner in private.

He treated Lu Liangwei with so much love and adoration, even willing to give her the royal token.

Why did Lu Liangwei deserve all this?

Ji Linghui was filled with jealousy and hate.

Even the House of Swallow Snow stopped going after Lu Liangwei for some reason, and even ceased all their activities recently.

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