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Chapter 467: It Would Be Worth It Even If It Cost Her Life

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Chapter 467: It Would Be Worth It Even If It Cost Her Life

She wanted to ask Situ, but for some reason, she had lost news of him.

She wondered what was happening with the situation over there.

How could the House of Swallow Snow accept this when they had lost numerous assassins over this? They would have done something even if it was not for the commission.

Ji Linghui thought about it and asked Xiao Xia, “Where has Lingxiu recently gone gallivanting?”

“Third Miss has gone out to explore with her martial world friends.”

Ji Linghui frowned. She clenched tight on the handkerchief in her hands. She had planned to make use of Ji Lingxiu to give Lu Liangwei trouble, but now…

However, this did not matter now because Second Brother would get married. Lingxiu would be back then.

A cold, vicious smile appeared on her lips.

Lu Liangwei returned to the Grand Duke Mansion after leaving the Palace.

She had just stepped into Dusklight Court when Lin Qingyuan jumped in to grab her by the hand and walked out.

Lu Liangwei frowned. “Lin Qingyuan, what are you doing?”

Lin Qingyuan explained as she walked along.

Lu Liangwei touched the royal token in her pouch as she listened to Lin Qingyuan.

It was such a coincidence that Long Yang had given her the royal token.

The guards at the Duke Chen Mansion immediately let them in when they saw the royal token in Lu Liangwei’s hand.

Lin Qingyuan knew her way around the Duke Chen Mansion very well. She navigated her way easily as she led Lu Liangwei to the big tree mentioned by Chen Xuping.

Lin Qingyuan felt slightly dazed as she looked at the big tree, which was lush and thick.

Lu Liangwei asked, “Did Chen Xuping mention which direction to dig?”

If he did not provide any information, it would not be an easy task to dig for whatever they were looking for due to the large area.

Lin Qingyuan gathered her thoughts and nodded. “He did. It’s this way.”

As she spoke, she picked up an iron shovel and started digging in the direction she indicated.

Soon after, a box was revealed as it was not deeply buried.

Lin Qingyuan wiped away her sweat and handed the box over to Lu Liangwei.

“Chen Xuping said there is an account book in there. He would record every time Lu Yunshuang instructed him to do something.”

Lu Liangwei opened the box and there indeed was something that looked like an account book.

She browsed through it casually and noted that it did show records on everything Lu Yunshuang had ordered him to do.

The records clearly indicated situations such as which official was offered a bribe, how many people were captured, and so on.

She suddenly thought it strange that Chen Xuping would record these matters down.

He liked Lu Yunshuang a lot, right? Was he not aware that keeping something like this would only implicate Lu Yunshuang?

Lu Liangwei was puzzled.

As to why he did so, Chen Xuping would be the only person who knew.

“Let’s go,” Lu Liangwei said as she closed the box.

“Who’s there?!” Chu Jiu suddenly shouted coldly at that moment. She pulled out her sword and shielded Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei turned to look and only then she saw that a man clad in black was standing there in the courtyard.

The man in black was holding Lin Qingyuan hostage. He looked at the box in Lu Liangwei’s hands and said coldly, “Give me the box, or I’ll kill her.” He pressed the sharp dagger in his hand against Lin Qingyuan’s neck as he said, and blood immediately seeped out.

Lin Qingyuan was in pain as her face went pale. She shouted toward Lu Liangwei, “Don’t bother about me!” As long as she could give trouble to Lu Yunshuang, it would be worth it even if it cost her life.

Lu Liangwei understood her intentions, but chose to ignore her. She frowned looking at the box in her hands and said calmly to the man in black. “I can give you the box if you want it so much, but you must let her go first.”

The man in black replied in a low voice, “Throw it over to me and I’ll let her go.”

Lu Liangwei sniggered. “Why should I believe you?”

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