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Chapter 472: 472

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Chapter 472: She Just Had A Strong Feeling About It

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Lu Liangwei first tested Madam Lin’s medical skills with verbal questions, which Madam Lin managed to answer with ease.

After that, Lu Liangwei tested her on the four ways of diagnosis, which were to look, listen, question, and feel the pulse, which Madam Lin also conducted without difficulty. She did well in every aspect.

Lu Liangwei was very surprised at this.

She had never thought that someone who looked as gentle and fragile as Madam Lin did could be such a medical skills expert.

There was no issue with her medical skills, so Lu Liangwei turned to test Madam Lin on physician ethics.

Madam Lin passed all the tests on both medical skills and physician ethics. Lu Liangwei was not only surprised, but also quite delighted.


It was quite a rare catch for the medicinal shop to be able to find a good candidate who was good in both medical skills and physician ethics.

Lu Liangwei immediately inquired Madam Lin about her current living conditions and soon signed an employment contract with her.

“Madam Lin, if you have nowhere to stay, you can stay at the medicinal shop. There are empty rooms behind the shop.”

Madam Lin was more than happy to accept. “Thank you so much, Miss.”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “There’s no need to stand on ceremony with me, Madam Lin. Our shop shall need to rely on you in the future.”

Once Lu Liangwei started living in the Palace, she would not have time to take care of this place.

Madam Lin gave her a gentle look. “Don’t worry, Miss. I will take care of this medicinal shop well for you.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Alright. With you and Senior managing this place together, there’s nothing for me to worry about. Oh, right, Madam Lin, if you don’t mind, you can refer to me directly by my name.”

Even though there was something strange about Madam Lin, for some reason, Lu Liangwei did not feel any shred of annoyance or dislike for her.

She even felt Madam Lin was quite affectionate, and did not feel annoyed when being stared at by her.

Madam Lin could not hide the delight in her eyes. “May I know Miss’ name…”

“My surname is Lu, and my name is Liangwei. You can also call me Weiwei,” Lu Liangwei smiled as she looked at Madam Lin.

She was not worried at all for her name to be known by an outsider, or that it might bring her unnecessary trouble.

It was because she had a feeling that Madam Lin would never do her any harm.

She had no idea what made her feel that way. Moreover, she was not someone who was usually guided by her emotions, but when it came to this Madam Lin, she just had a strong feeling about it, which was why she went with her heart.

Madam Lin took the opportunity to hold Lu Liangwei’s hands as her voice trembled almost imperceptibly, “Weiwei…”

Lu Liangwei smiled sweetly back at her.

Madam Lin tried her best to repress the urge to pull the girl into her arms. She smiled and said, “If you don’t mind, just call me Auntie Lin. Please don’t call me Madam Lin, it makes us sound like strangers.”

Calling her Auntie Lin would pull them slightly closer.

“Auntie Lin,” Lu Liangwei was quite forward as she immediately called out to her.

“Yes,” Madam Lin replied as she lifted her head to rub Lu Liangwei on the head gently.

Lu Liangwei did not reject this. She tugged on Madam Lin’s hand and said, “It’s getting late. I should be heading back now. Why don’t you just stay here, Auntie Lin? You can let Senior know if you need anything.”

Auntie Lin nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t stand in ceremony with any of you. As for you, on the other hand, would it be safe for you to be walking home like this? Do you need me to see you home?”

Lu Liangwei laughed as she shook her head. She pointed at Chu Jiu next to her and said, “I’m under her protection. I’ll be fine. You’re probably tired today. There’s nothing more to be done in the shop. You should retire early for the night.”

With that, she turned to the old beggar. “Senior, I will need to trouble you with arranging Auntie Lin’s quarters.”

“I understand. You should hurry home, Second Miss,” the old beggar promised with a smile.

Auntie Lin saw Lu Liangwei out the door and stood there watching even after Lu Liangwei was far away. She could not bear to turn away as she stood rooted to the spot.

The old beggar sighed emotionally when he saw this.

Poor Madam Lin. She had to repress her longing even at this time.

“Madam Lin, there are still a few empty rooms in the backyard. You can follow me and pick one that is suitable for you,” the old beggar finally said after waiting a while.

The gentleness in Madam Lin’s eyes vanished completely when she heard him. She turned to give him an indifferent look. “Thank you for the trouble.”

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