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Chapter 473: 473

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Chapter 473: Everyone Has Their Own Secrets

The old beggar did not take offense to the major difference in her attitude at all.

“This way, Madam.”

Madam Lin followed him to the backyard without saying another word.

Chu Jiu followed behind Lu Liangwei. She wanted to say something, but was hesitant.

That Madam Lin just now was thoroughly strange. Moreover, she had covered her face with a veil and was not willing to show who she truly was. Was Second Miss being too rash about hiring her?

Second Miss was not usually so carefree, but she had been quite lenient with Madam Lin.

“Second Miss…”

Chu Jiu kept thinking about it and decided to call out to Lu Liangwei in the end.

Lu Liangwei was in a good mood. She turned back to look at Chu Jiu. “What’s wrong?”

“That Madam Lin just now, I think there’s more to her than meets the eyes.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “I know.”

Chu Jiu was taken aback. “Then why did you…”

Lu Liangwei replied seriously. “There are many suspicious things about her. It looks like she was trying to get close to me on purpose, but for some reason that I don’t really understand myself, I can’t find it in my heart to reject hiring her. It could be because of the way she looked at me. It was really tender and loving.”

If Madam Lin had wanted to get close to her because of some nefarious reason, she would not have looked at Lu Liangwei so affectionately.

That was because no matter how good an actor a person was, they would not be able to display such a gentle gaze.

Lu Liangwei felt like she was Madam Lin’s daughter when Madam Lin was looking at her.

This might be because Madam Lin was separated from her daughter not long after she was born, and when she saw Lu Liangwei’s age was close to her daughter’s, she began to think of Lu Liangwei as her own.

Chu Jiu went deep in thought for a moment and finally realized what was the strangest thing about her.

It was the way Madam Lin was looking at Second Miss. It felt almost like love was about to flow out of her eyes.

“Madam Lin had mentioned that she and her daughter were separated not long after she was born. Moreover, her husband had passed on earlier and there’s no one else left in her family. She wanted to see her daughter again, but for certain reasons, did not have the courage to appear in front of her daughter. Madam Lin is also a poor soul,” Lu Liangwei said with slight pity.

“Second Miss, do you believe her?” Chu Jiu frowned.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Not entirely. I know she wasn’t entirely truthful, but what does that matter? Everyone has their own secrets. It’s fine as long as it doesn’t interfere with others.”

Chu Jiu sighed silently. It looked like Second Miss was indeed especially lenient with Madam Lin.

Although, she could not help reminding Lu Liangwei. “Madam Lin knows martial arts.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at her and smiled. “I guessed as much. When I was testing her on the four ways of diagnosis to look, listen, question, and feel the pulse, I took the opportunity to feel her pulse. I found that she has a strong, energetic pulse that is filled to the brim with strength. It’s not something an ordinary woman would possess. She did not hide it intentionally either. From this, I can deduce that she is not some evil villain. If she wanted to harm me, she could simply use her martial arts. Why would she humble herself to become a physician in our medicinal shop?”

Lu Liangwei had not even mentioned that if Madam Lin was an evil person, she would not have good physician ethics.

Someone with physician ethics could not be too bad a person.

Chu Jiu was silent.

It took a while before she said, “I have behaved too worried over this.”

Lu Liangwei placed her hand on Chu Jiu’s shoulder. “Your worries aren’t wrong. I’m the one who has been too emotional with this.”

Chu Jiu shook her head. “No, that’s not it. Miss has considered every aspect. It’s just that you have given this Madam Lin certain exceptions.”

Lu Liangwei sighed again. Her pretty eyes narrowed slightly. “That’s right. It’s because I’m quite curious about the reason Madam Lin wants to get close to me. But there’s no rush. Her reason for this will eventually be revealed. I wonder if I’ve met her before since she keeps her face covered up all the time.”

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