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Chapter 475: 475

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Chapter 475: What Should He Do If He Could Not Stand It

Second Miss was already preparing for the wedding, and with the Grand Duke and the Dowager Duchess guarding her like hawks, Master had not seen Second Miss for many days.

He finally found a reason to host a banquet and invite all court officials to the palace so that he could take the opportunity to meet Second Miss Lu, but the Grand Duke just had to interfere. It was infuriating indeed.

‘Master, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but the Grand Duke is really not easy to deal with.’

Seeing that Second Miss Lu was about to be dragged off by the Grand Duke, Zhao Qian gritted his teeth and stopped him.

“Since you’re already at Hidden Dragon Palace, Grand Duke, why not go in and sit for a while? Besides, Second Miss must be thirsty after sitting in the carriage for so long. I have some refreshments prepared inside. You could have a bite before going to Jade Dew Hall.”

“Jade Dew Hall is not too far off, and there are refreshments there too. We’ll just go there directly, so there’s no need to go to all that trouble, Butler Zhao.” Lu Hetian shot Zhao Qian an icy glare.

Zhao Qian instantly sensed a thick air of menace.

The Grand Duke’s murderous aura was too strong. What should he do if he could not stand it?

He laughed awkwardly. “You worry too much, Grand Duke. It’s not troublesome at all. As I said, I prepared them in advance.”

Lu Hetian looked at him coldly. “I told you there was no need. You can help yourself to them, Butler Zhao.” With that, he grabbed Lu Liangwei’s hand and marched off.

Zhao Qian groaned inwardly. Just as he was at a loss for what to do, he heard a calm and dignified voice.

“Please wait a moment, Grand Duke.”

Zhao Qian was immensely relieved to see the person who had appeared. Now that Master was here, the situation would be easier to handle.

No matter how unreasonable the Grand Duke was, he could not ignore the Crown, could he?

Zhao Qian quickly retreated to the side.

Sure enough, Lu Hetian stopped in his tracks, turned around, and bowed to Long Yang. “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” Lu Liangwei also curtsied to Long Yang.

“You may rise, Grand Duke.” Long Yang gave a slight raise of his hand, then looked at Lu Liangwei with a pleased look in his eyes. “You don’t have to be so formal, Weiwei.”

Lu Liangwei paused, then stood up, staring curiously at the boy in his arms.

Lu Hetian also straightened up, but he instinctively stood in front of Lu Liangwei, his towering figure blocking Long Yang’s gaze from falling on her.

Long Yang glanced at him and snorted inwardly. He was going to marry Weiwei in a few more days. After Weiwei moved into the palace, how could Lu Hetian still keep him away from her?

Putting his thoughts aside, he said with a serious expression, “Weiwei, come examine Zhi’er. He’s not looking good.”

“Yes.” Hearing this, Lu Liangwei was about to step forward when Lu Hetian held her back. “Your Majesty, if the Grand Princess’s child is sick, you should summon an imperial physician to treat him. Weiwei isn’t a physician. She doesn’t know anything about treating patients.”

Long Yang knitted his brows but relaxed them a moment later. “The imperial physicians are at a loss for what to do. Weiwei has read a lot of books on medicine, so she might have a solution. You shouldn’t underestimate Weiwei, Grand Duke.”

Lu Hetian frowned and looked at his daughter beside him a little hesitantly.

He naturally knew that his daughter had been studying medicine all this while. She had moved most of the books on medicine in Fragrant Blooms Court to Dusklight Court and had even opened a small medicinal room to distill and decoct medicine.

Other than that, Weiwei had even opened a medicinal shop outside, but he did not know exactly how skilled she was in medicine.

However, he did have a bottle of poison immunity pills that she had distilled.

Perhaps Weiwei had indeed acquired some medical skills without him realizing it.

After all, her mother possessed excellent medical skills, and she may have inherited them from her.

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