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Chapter 485: 485

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Chapter 485: It Would Tarnish His Reputation

The woman’s eyes looked sharply at him. “Do not make me say the same thing twice!”

Her subordinate shuddered. “Yes.”

The woman walked out of the room and stood in the hallway. She heard a painful cry come from inside, but it did not affect her emotions at all.

“I…I’ll talk…”

The woman’s emotionless eyes finally showed some reaction when she heard that weak voice coming from inside.

It was not long before her subordinate came out. “House Leader, Situ Xu has finally revealed the information. The mastermind behind the assassination is the Prudence Consort, Ji Linghui.”

The woman nodded. “Understood.”

“What do we do with Situ Xu?” Her subordinate waited for her instructions.

The woman replied without hesitating. “Kill him.”

Her subordinate hesitated and saw the need to give her a reminder. “You do have a friendship with Alliance Chief Situ. If you killed his son, it might affect your friendship with him.”

“You’ve said it yourself, it will only affect the friendship. That old man, Situ, has many sons. He won’t miss this one. Do you suggest I be shackled by such a friendship and let off someone who continuously attempts to kill my…” She stopped right in time and did not continue her words as rage filled up her face.

Her subordinate understood her intention. He gave pause and did not continue to talk her out of it.

The House Leader had had a difficult time for many years. With a temper like hers, it was already quite a feat for her to allow Situ Xu to stay alive until now.

“I’ll take care of this.”

“Good,” the woman nodded and strode off.

Late at night, Bright Refine Palace.

Ji Linghui was not sleeping well. She opened her eyes groggily and saw a shadow standing next to her bed. A chill went down her spine and she immediately woke up.

She was about to scream when an icy, cold, sharp sword was pressed against her throat.

“Make a sound and I’ll kill you immediately!”

The voice clearly belonged to a woman.

Ji Linghui calmed herself down and did not make another sound. In the dark, her eyes met a pair of eerily cold eyes with no sign of warmth. They were beautiful eyes, but for some reason, made a person shudder with fear.

She could not help shuddering.

The woman in black suddenly made a move and pressed her pressure point. Ji Linghui could no longer move.

The woman in black pulled her weapon away as she watched Ji Linghui’s eyes widen in fear. She carried Ji Linghui out of Bright Refine Palace.

It would be too easy for this woman to be killed immediately. She must make this woman suffer a fate worse than death.

How dare this woman harm her… She must make this woman pay a terrible price!

Lu Tingchen was on duty tonight.

He was coming from the direction of Hidden Dragon Palace when a phantom shadow suddenly flashed past him in the dark, moving toward the Palace wall.

Lu Tingchen’s handsome brows furrowed as he pulled out his sword and gave chase.

“Who’s there?”

The woman in black did not stop. She sensed a sword was about to come at her and she gave a wave of her sleeve without even looking back. A strong, powerful airflow hit the direction behind her.

However, the next moment, a figure in black flashed across the top of her head and blocked the path in front of her with a sword in hand.

“Put her down and I’ll consider letting you go!” Lu Tingchen glanced at Ji Linghui held in the hand of the woman in black. His voice sounded as cold as hers.

The woman in black was slightly taken aback when she saw the man blocking her, as if she had never expected he would be able to evade her killing move.

There was no moon tonight, and only a few stars were hanging in the sky, but the woman in black could clearly see the face of the man standing in front of her.

His slender, upright figure, that determined and decisive face that was also good-looking, those eyes especially…

The woman in black momentarily blanked out. It was until the sharp sensation of the sword’s energy came close to her face that she gave a start.

She looked at Lu Tingchen with mixed emotions and the powerful attack coming from her palm was weakened as she attacked him.

“This woman is cruel and vicious. You will regret it if you save her!” The woman in black was slightly angry when she saw Lu Tingchen unwilling to give up. Her voice sounded cold as well.

Lu Tingchen was quite neutral toward Ji Linghui, but guarding the Palace was his duty and Ji Linghui was still His Majesty’s concubine no matter what. He was on duty tonight, and if he allowed a crook to kidnap a concubine under his watch, it would tarnish his reputation.

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