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Chapter 492: 492

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Chapter 492: Can I Hug You

Although Lu Liangwei did not say who she suspected to be the culprit, Chu Jiu was not slow-witted, and she quickly connected the dots.

She frowned and said, “I heard that the Prudence Consort is quite close with her sister. Could it be her…”

Lu Liangwei interrupted her with a smile. “Jiu, we don’t have any evidence, and we can’t decide the truth only by guessing.” Despite her words, she furrowed her brow slightly.

She had only seen Ji Linghui a few times, but Ji Linghui gave her a feeling of fragility and did not seem like much of a schemer. However, Ji Lingxiu would not act the way she did just now without reason, and it was hard to believe that she had not acted under Ji Linghui’s instructions.

Chu Jiu was a little hesitant. “But Miss Ji was seriously planning to harm you just now. I think that we should report this matter to the Emperor and let him decide what to do.”

Lu Liangwei patted her hand. “Let’s forget it for now. The Emperor is probably also busy these few days, so let’s not bother him with groundless accusations.”

Hearing this, Chu Jiu could only drop the matter.

Second Miss was already busy getting ready for the wedding. The Emperor had to plan the wedding and also handle state affairs, which made him even busier.

When Lu Liangwei walked into Cathay Medicinal Shop with Chu Jiu, she saw Madam Lin busy treating a patient.

When the woman saw Lu Liangwei coming in, her cool gaze instantly softened.

Lu Liangwei did not disturb her and went straight into the backyard instead.

After a while, Madam Lin came in to join her.

Lu Liangwei returned her gaze and caught what seemed like the ghost of an affectionate look in Madam Lin’s eyes.

She was stunned for a moment, then got up and said, “Are you done, Madam Lin?”

“Yes.” Madam Lin nodded. Her face was still veiled, and only her eyes shone brilliantly, making it difficult to look straight at her.

“Weiwei, you’re getting married the day after tomorrow. I have something I want to give you.” Setting aside the complicated thoughts in her heart, Madam Lin stepped forward and took Lu Liangwei’s hand.

There seemed to be an abnormal number of people who wanted to give her gifts today.

Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow, suddenly a little amused.

Ji Lingxiu harbored evil intentions, so she naturally would not believe her, but Madam Lin…

“What do you want to give me, Madam?” She looked at her expectantly.

Suppressing the urge to stroke her head, Madam Lin said gently, “I have a house in the capital suburbs. If you’re free now, you can go and fetch the gift together with me.” After a pause, she explained, “It’s too heavy, so I didn’t take it with me. You can bring another person along.”

Lu Liangwei was surprised. What kind of gift was it?

However, when she met Madam Lin’s gentle and doting eyes, her heart abruptly melted, and she nodded in agreement.


Madam Lin beamed, motherly love filling her eyes, and could not help lifting a hand and stroking her head.

Lu Liangwei was stunned for a while. She looked at kind Madam Lin, then suddenly said, “Madam, can I hug you?”

Madam Lin was startled, but the next moment, she was overjoyed. Before Lu Liangwei could react, she opened her arms and embraced her.

The instant she took Lu Liangwei into her arms, her eyes moistened, and her lips under the veil trembled slightly.

Her daughter…

Wrapped in her arms, Lu Liangwei did not notice her unusual behavior. Although Madam Lin’s figure was thin and frail, she felt warm and safe in her embrace.

After informing the old beggar, Lu Liangwei and Madam Lin took a carriage to the capital suburbs.

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