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Chapter 496: 496

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Chapter 496: Long Yang Versus Weiwei’s Mother

The carriage hurtled along the bumpy road.

Lu Liangwei only regained consciousness the next morning.

By the time she awoke, the carriage had stopped. Rubbing her heavy head, she had just sat up when she heard a familiar woman’s voice.

“Who are you, and why are you blocking my way?”

Lu Liangwei frowned. It was Madam Lin’s voice.

She massaged her forehead, recalling what had happened before her pressure point was struck.

At that time, she had already noticed Madam Lin’s peculiar behavior, and she also caught the scent of coma-inducing medicine. At the moment she realized what was going on, Madam Lin struck her pressure point, rendering her unconscious.

Things had already turned out like this; the truth was plain as day.

However, even now, she still could not believe that Madam Lin had abducted her.

Why did Madam Lin abduct her?

Besides, Madam Lin had plenty of chances before this, so why must she abduct her right before her wedding?

Her heart was full of questions.

Outside the carriage.

Long Yang and his guards finally caught up with Madam Lin after a sleepless night on horseback.

They pulled up ahead and stopped Madam Lin’s carriage.

Both parties stared each other down.

At Madam Lin’s words, an icy and brutal smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips, his voice menacing and full of murderous intent as he said, “If you don’t want to die, hand her over!”

Seeing this, Madam Lin narrowed her eyes and looked him up and down.

The man opposite her was soaked in dew—evidence that he had been traveling all night without sleeping.

Despite being soaked to the bone, the regal aura on him did not diminish in the slightest. On the contrary, there was an unconcealed trace of murderous intent in his bottomless eyes.

Madam Lin paused. From his extraordinary bearing and exceptionally handsome looks, she had already guessed his identity.

When she was young, she had met this person in front of her.

Back then, he was still young and looked somewhat different from how he did now.

Right now, he was probably thirty years old. Despite his youthful looks, he was not young anymore, but he still had the gall to go after a young girl. She would not care if he wanted to pursue someone else, but when it came to her daughter, she could not stand it.

This person was more shameless than he looked!

So what if he was the Emperor?!

Deciding not to waste any more time on courtesy, she drew her sword and pointed it at him. “That’s right, I abducted her. If you don’t want to die, get out of my way!”

“How dare you!” Chu Yi barked. Thanks to this abhorrent witch abducting Second Miss Lu, they had to experience so much worry, and Master got all stressed out.

With that, he picked up his broadsword and leaped toward her. “Hand over Second Miss Lu obediently, and my master may still spare your life!”

“How arrogant!” The man in black sitting on the shaft stood up abruptly, drew his sword, and lunged forward.


Their weapons clashed with an ear-splitting sound.

Chu Qi drew his sword as well and faced Madam Lin head-on.

After Madam Lin traded a few blows with Chu Qi, her contemptuous expression slowly faded, and she was secretly astounded.

This child seemed young, but he was exceptionally skilled in martial arts and was no ordinary expert.

She did not dare to take him lightly.

Long Yang remained seated on his horse, his eyes fixed on the carriage. Seeing Chu Qi lead Madam Lin away, he immediately jumped onto the carriage.

Just then, however, Madam Lin drove Chu Qi off with a palm attack and turned back swiftly. Blocking the door to the carriage, she swung her sword and pointed it at Long Yang.

Madam Lin looked at him coldly. “If you want to take her away, you have to go through my sword first.” She suddenly paused, then said sarcastically, “You’re not that young anymore, Sir. What thick skin you have to go after such a young girl! A word of advice; if you give up that thought, I’ll forget everything you’ve done in the past. Otherwise, this will be where you die today!”

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