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Chapter 504: 504

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Chapter 504: Guarded As If There Was A Thief

A look of delight appeared on Lu Liangwei’s face. She gave him a grateful look. “Thank you, Your Majesty.”

A smile crossed Long Yang’s deep, soulful eyes. He wanted to rub her head, but decided not to in the end.

He shook his head and smiled at her. “There’s no need to thank me.”

Lu Liangwei’s face burned as she quickly avoided his gaze. She hugged Madam Lin’s arm and said, “Mother, His Majesty is right. If you don’t want to return to the Grand Duke Mansion, then allow His Majesty to arrange a place for you to stay. We’ve finally managed to see each other after so many years. I can’t bear for you to leave.”

Madam Lin was slightly hesitant.

She did not want to stay in the imperial capital, but her daughter was still young and did not know martial arts. She might be bullied or get plotted against once she entered the Palace chambers.

Moreover, that Ji Linghui has not been dealt with yet. She was quite worried about that.

Madam Lin thought about this for quite a long time before finally nodding in agreement. “Fine.”

Lu Liangwei was overjoyed about this.

Even Lu Tingchen was truly happy from the bottom of his heart.

He had been staring at Madam Lin all this while, afraid that this was all just a dream.

Lu Hetian stood all alone at the side as he watched the mother and children getting along happily. There was a strange sadness within him.

However, Lu Liangwei quickly remembered something and let go of Madam Lin. She approached Lu Hetian. “Father, does your wound hurt? Let me bandage it for you.”

Lu Hetian was extremely touched. When he saw Madam Lin’s gaze sweeping over, he quickly lowered his eyes. He was afraid she would notice that he had been staring at her all this while, and get angry over it.

“Alright,” he said, nodding.

It was only after Lu Hetian’s wound was bandaged that everyone prepared to return to the imperial capital.

Lu Liangwei and Madam Lin continued the journey in the same horse-drawn carriage, which was being driven by the man in black.

Before getting into the carriage, Madam Lin had introduced him to Lu Liangwei. “This is your Uncle Wu.”

Lu Liangwei sized up the man in black and noticed for the first time that the man in black was in his early forties. He looked energetic and had good-looking features.

She gave pause before nodding toward Wu Hongming, calling out politely, “Uncle Wu.”

Wu Hongming smiled at her. “Weiwei.”

Madam Lin turned her gaze toward Lu Tingchen. “Chen, greet Uncle Wu.”

During this time, Lu Tingchen was sizing up Wu Hongming as well. He was quietly analyzing the relationship between his mother and this man.

When he heard his mother, he quickly collected his thoughts and turned toward Wu Hongming to greet him. “Uncle Wu.”

“Hello.” Wu Hongming nodded and sized up Lu Tingchen too.

Lu Hetian looked at Wu Hongming with full hostility.

Could Lihua have been together with this man all those years she had disappeared?

A crazed sense of jealousy surged within him at this thought.

Damn it. It took one look to know that Wu fellow was a scumbag. What sort of low standards did Lihua have to let this man be by her side?

Madam Lin darted a look at him as a cold smile appeared on her lips, but she said nothing as she held her daughter’s hand and got into the carriage.

The horse-drawn carriage continued moving, but Lu Hetian and Long Yang stuck close to the carriage at both sides.

Madam Lin pulled down the curtains and grunted silently.

Did they still not trust her and were worried she would take Weiwei away again at the first opportunity?

Lu Liangwei noticed this and felt slightly embarrassed.

Her father and His Majesty were a little overboard. How could they be so guarded as if there was a thief and act so defensively with her mother?

Lu Liangwei moved closer to her mother when she saw that her mother was upset. “Mother, let’s just ignore them.”

“Yes. Men are scumbags. Why should we bother with them?” Madam Lin caressed Lu Liangwei’s face.

“Our Weiwei is the best because you trust me.”

Lu Liangwei replied seriously, “You’re my mother. Of course, I’d trust you.”

There was a warmth in Madam Lin’s heart as she hugged her daughter across the shoulders. “But I’m still a little worried about you. Do you know who was the mastermind behind the arrangement with House of Swallow Snow to assassinate you?”

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