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Chapter 508: 508

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Chapter 508: How Could He Be So Cunning And Wicked

Chu Yi paused. “When we go on duty tonight, I swear I’ll buy two servings of stinky tofu to honor you.”

Chu Qi glanced at him, unmoved.

Chu Yi gritted his teeth and lowered his voice. “Fine, I’ll treat you to supper for this whole month.”

Only then did Chu Qi give a nod.

Seeing this, Chu Yi hurriedly withdrew his hands, but in his heart, he wanted nothing more than to tear this little brat apart.

He was already so cunning at such a young age. How could he be so wicked?

Oh no, his money… wait no, his marriage savings…

Ah well, he was to blame too. He should not have talked so much.

At the sight of his glum face, the corners of Chu Qi’s mouth curved upward.

Inside the carriage, the Dowager Duchess had been holding onto Madam Lin’s hand all this time, never letting go.

“Lihua, where have you been all these years? I thought you…”

Madam Lin, or Ling Lihua, smiled faintly. “I’m sorry for making you worry, Madam.”

The Dowager Duchess was uncomfortable to hear her address her so distantly.

“It makes me uncomfortable to hear you call me like that,” she said frankly.

This daughter-in-law had won her heart. Although she had been away for more than ten years, in her heart, she still regarded her as her daughter-in-law.

Ling Lihua fell silent, unable to answer the old woman.

Although she blamed Lu Hetian and was utterly disappointed with him, she could not deny that the old woman had treated her well.

To be honest, she was also uncomfortable with having to cut ties with the Dowager Duchess.

However, some things had already happened, and she could not pretend otherwise.

When the Dowager Duchess saw her frowning in silence, her heart sank, but she did not want to pressure her. She only sighed and said, “After you jumped off the cliff, Shenzhi went down there too. He thought that you had been eaten by a beast, and he went crazy and killed all the beasts down there. If I hadn’t dragged him back, he’d have died.”

Shenzhi was Lu Hetian’s personal name.

Ling Lihua clenched her fists silently. She did not know about this…

However, it did not matter; he was the one who let her down.

He was the one who had betrayed their marriage, and even his death would not be enough to make up for it.

Her face hardened, and she did not speak.

Seeing this, the Dowager Duchess sighed inwardly. She knew that Lihua was someone who could not tolerate anything she found objectionable. The past had left her scarred, and it would be impossible for her to get over it so soon.

Although the Dowager Duchess understood this, she was still somewhat regretful.

They used to be such a loving couple, but because of Shenzhi’s one mistake, they were separated for more than ten years.

If not for Weiwei, Shenzhi would not have made it through all these years.

Fortunately, Lihua was back now. As long as she was willing to come back, there would always be a way.

That thought made the Dowager Duchess a little more relieved.

After sending Lu Liangwei and the others back to the Grand Duke Mansion and leaving Chu Yi behind, Long Yang returned to the palace.

Ling Lihua was unwilling to set foot in the Grand Duke Mansion again, and after sending Lu Liangwei back, she left with Chu Yi.

Lu Tingchen was worried, so he followed.

Lu Liangwei wanted to spend more time with her mother, but her mother would not enter the Grand Duke Mansion easily due to her resentment toward her father, so she did not force her to stay.

After watching her leave, Lu Liangwei helped her dazed father into the mansion.

The Dowager Duchess sighed a few times, at a loss for what to do as she looked at her disoriented son.

“Weiwei, you’re getting married tomorrow, and you have a lot of stuff to do. Don’t worry about me, just go back first.” Lu Hetian withdrew his arm and spoke to his daughter with a forced smile.

Lu Liangwei understood his feelings and nodded. “Alright. It’s been a tiring day for you too, Dad, so hurry up and get some rest. I’m getting married tomorrow, and I wish to see you in high spirits.”

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