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Chapter 512: 512

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Chapter 512: Get Her Drunk So She Would Not Be Able To Get Married Tomorrow

Lu Tingchen has always had a dream, which was for his deceased mother to return one day and the family would be able to sit together for a meal every day in perfect harmony.

Even though his mother has now returned, but it would be a wild wish for the family to sit down for a meal together in perfect harmony.

There was a gloomy look in his good-looking eyes.

Lu Liangwei was getting married the next day and the entire mansion was exceptionally busy. Zhu Yu barely had the time to stand still in one place while Chu Jiu, whose arm was wounded, also did not have time for rest.

Right at this time, Lu Tingchen came to Dusklight Court holding a vat of wine.

Lu Liangwei was trying her wedding dress that had been sent to her by the Ministry of Rites.

The wedding dress had been sent to her earlier, but it was a little too loose, which was why it was taken to be retailored.

Lu Liangwei tried it on again and found that it fit her nicely. She was about to take the dress off when she saw Lu Tingchen coming in with the wine in his hand.

“Big brother, why are you here?”

Lu Tingchen leaned against the door frame and looked at the young girl in bright, red wedding attire, standing in the room. He was slightly dazed for a moment.

Time had passed really quickly. In a blink of an eye, his little sister, whom he had looked after all through her growing years, was getting married!

He sighed and lifted the wine vat at her. “You’re getting married tomorrow, so I’m here to drink with you. Treat it as my way of saying goodbye.”

Lu Liangwei’s lips twitched at the thought of how she would get drunk with only one drink. He knew she was getting married tomorrow, yet insisted on drinking with her. Was he trying to get her drunk so she would not be able to get married tomorrow?

Lu Tingchen was doing this on purpose, right?!

However, seeing the dejected look on his face, Lu Liangwei clenched her teeth and decided to go all out. “Alright. Give me a minute, big brother. Let me change out of my wedding dress before drinking with you.”

A smile appeared on Lu Tingchen’s lips. He strode into the room with his long legs, sat down on a chair, took out some cups, and filled them to the brim with the wine.

Lu Liangwei appeared not long after.

Chu Jiu glanced at her before looking at Lu Tingchen. She swallowed her words of advice and pulled Zhu Yu who also wanted to say something out of the room together with her.

Zhu Yu was a little upset from being forced out of the room. “Chu Jiu, Miss will be getting married tomorrow. You’re not helping to stop her from drinking, and even forced me out here.”

Chu Jiu sat down on the steps and rested her chin in her hand. She stared far into the starry night sky and said softly, “Can’t you tell that Heir Presumptive Lu isn’t in a good mood? Even Miss was able to tell. The siblings have such a close relationship and Miss is getting married tomorrow. Even though Miss would be able to return often, but at the end of the day, things would have changed. He can’t bear to let go of Miss and wants to have a good night drinking with her. Why would you want to stop them?”

Zhu Yu’s unhappiness dissipated at those words. She turned slightly gloomy as well.

She lifted her dress a little and sat down next to Chu Jiu, before turning to look at Chu Jiu from the side.

She suddenly realized that Chu Jiu looked quite different than usual tonight. The expression on Chu Jiu’s face has always been cold and distant, but now there was a softer expression on her face, which made her look quite feminine.

Zhu Yu shuddered when she realized this and quickly slapped herself on the face.

She must be crazy to think that a tomboy like Chu Jiu would be feminine!

At the thought of this, she quickly adjusted her place at where she sat and decided to keep a distance from Chu Jiu.

Chu Jiu noticed this but did not say anything.

They sat quietly, not saying another word to each other.

In the room, Lu Liangwei had just gulped a mouthful of wine and she was already feeling the effects of alcohol. She looked at Lu Tingchen’s handsome face and shook her head. “Big brother, what wine is this? It’s so strong. I’ve only taken a mouthful and I’m already feeling drunk.”

Lu Tingchen could not help laughing. “You can’t hold your alcohol at all. You get drunk easily no matter what you drink. Your capacity for alcohol needs to be worked on. You have to practice drinking a few times to increase your capacity. Let me tell you this, His Majesty can hold his liquor very well. If you’re so bad with drinking, how would you be able to accompany His Majesty to drink?”

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