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Chapter 516: 516

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Chapter 516: There Are Some Things You Would Have To Go Through

Zhu Yu rolled up her sleeves. She helped take off the wet inner garments Lu Liangwei was wearing while saying with a wide smile, “Tonight is your first night with His Majesty. I need to make sure you are washed clean for His Majesty to bed you.”

Lu Liangwei’s face turned red at this and she rebuked Zhu Yu. “What nonsense are you talking about?”

“My dear Miss, how is this nonsense?” Zhu Yu’s attitude was indifferent as she picked up a towel to wipe down Lu Liangwei’s back, which was as clean and fair as a piece of jade.

“Tonight is your first night with His Majesty. There are some things you would have to go through.”

Lu Liangwei instantly felt nervous at Zhu Yu’s words.

She had never really given this issue much thought before. Perhaps she had purposely ignored this, and when Zhu Yu brought it up, she instantly felt uncomfortable.

Chu Jiu’s gaze turned to Lu Liangwei’s fingers, which were clenching the side of the tub. She frowned at this, and when she saw Zhu Yu was about to say something again, Chu Jiu immediately interjected, “That’s enough. It’s getting late and we need to quickly help Miss clean up so that she can put on her wedding dress.”

Zhu Yu was a little unhappy about being interrupted, and when she saw Chu Jiu moving forward, she intentionally pushed Chu Jiu away and continued saying to Lu Liangwei, “…Moreover, after today, you will be sharing a bed with His Majesty.”

At this, she paused and suddenly lowered her voice. “Miss, you need to buck up a bit and do your best to seduce His Majesty. That way, he won’t have time to look at other women.”

At that moment, Zhu Yu suddenly thought of something and quickly grabbed a bunch of flower petals from a basket by the side, tossing generous amounts of them into the water.

“These were picked by me early this morning from the garden. The fragrance is scintillating. Miss, you should soak it in for a while and let your whole body be scented before coming out of the tub. I guarantee that His Majesty will be infatuated with you.”

Lu Liangwei watched the petals floating at the surface of the water, speechless.

Was Zhu Yu sure that the fragrance of these petals would attract His Majesty?

She picked up a petal and sniffed it, but immediately tossed it away. “It’s too pungent.”

Zhu Yu moved closer and frowned as she tried to convince Lu Liangwei. “How else can Miss be scented all over if it isn’t pungent? Miss, don’t worry and just continue soaking in the water. I…”

Her voice stopped suddenly.

Lu Liangwei was about to ask her if the flowers had been cleaned beforehand, but Zhu Yu’s voice had suddenly disappeared. She followed Zhu Yu’s wide-eyed gaze to where she was looking. Chu Jiu’s fingers were pinching a bug that was squirming about.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Several bride chaperones were waiting outside the door when they suddenly heard a shrill scream coming from the room.


The bride chaperones were shocked. They were about to push the door open to check on things when a white figure zipped past them like lightning. Following that, there was a loud ‘bam’, and the room door was slammed shut.

All the bride chaperones, “…”

Was that a human or a ghost that had just gone inside?

Touch wood. Today was the wedding day of Second Miss Lu and His Majesty. They would lose their heads for thinking such nonsense.

Goosebumps appeared all over Lu Liangwei and she felt an itch crawl throughout her body.

She almost jumped out of the tub as she scrambled to get away.

Before she had time to calm down, a shirt was wrapped around her body. She turned and saw Ling Lihua standing next to her.


Lu Liangwei called out in delight.

Ling Lihua gave her a gentle look as she helped Lu Liangwei put on the shirt properly. “Why are you acting so clumsily?”

Lu Liangwei rested against her arms. The thought of what had transpired was rather disgusting.

“There was a bug among the petals put into my bath. It was really disgusting.”

Zhu Yu lowered her head guiltily. “I’m sorry, Miss. I have failed in my duty.”

Lu Liangwei had been genuinely shocked just now.

Anyone would find it appalling to discover a bug in their flower bath.

That said, Zhu Yu was not really to blame. She was doing this for Lu Liangwei’s sake, after all.

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