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Chapter 517: 517

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Chapter 517: Weiwei, There’s No Need To Be Nervous

That silly girl, Zhu Yu, was just a bit careless.

“It’s fine. Just be more careful next time.” Lu Liangwei waved her hand airily, but privately decided she would never place petals into her bath ever again.

She was traumatized because she could feel her skin itch, as if bugs were crawling on it.

Zhu Yu felt more guilty than ever.

After Chu Jiu took care of the bug, she came back in to help Zhu Yu clean up the bathing utensils.

Ling Lihua ushered Lu Liangwei over to sit on the bed.

Ling Lihua gave some thought as she looked at her daughter’s skin, which was radiating a pink luster after soaking in hot water. In the end, she decided to take out a booklet from her sleeves and pass it to Lu Liangwei.

“Take some time to read this. Feel free to ask me if there’s anything you don’t understand.” With those words, she turned away to help prepare Lu Liangwei’s wedding gown and headdress.

Lu Liangwei opened it up to take a look. She immediately closed it again, her face flushed bright red.

She had always known that people in olden times would give their daughters a booklet for some rudimentary knowledge before their wedding night.

Although, Lu Liangwei had never dreamed that she would experience it too.

She got nervous for no reason when she saw the contents of the booklet.

It immediately felt like a burning object in her hand which she wanted to throw away, but had no idea where to throw it.

“Weiwei, there’s no need to be nervous, nor is there any reason for you to be afraid. This is a process that every girl needs to experience in order to become a woman. You should just treat it as something quite normal.” Ling Lihua comforted Lu Liangwei as she carried the wedding dress over because she had immediately noticed the uncomfortable look on her daughter’s face.

She had wanted to put some drugs on Weiwei so that the Emperor would not be able to touch her, but he had come looking for her last night.

She changed her mind after chatting with him.

Ling Lihua decided to let it go. She should not think that all men were the same, assuming that everyone was just like Lu Hetian just because she once experienced failure.

Right then, she could instantly tell that the Emperor treated Weiwei well. Not to mention, they were a couple where the wife was much younger than the husband. Unless it was Weiwei who did not desire the Emperor, there was no reason for the Emperor to abandon Weiwei for another woman.

Anyway, if it turned out that she made the wrong judgment, she would just take Weiwei away with her. She was more than capable of providing for Weiwei.

The burn on Lu Liangwei’s face subsided when she heard this. She nodded. “I understand, Mother.”

Ling Lihua patted her head. “Alright, put on your wedding dress.”

“Okay.” Lu Liangwei stood up and, with her mother’s help, put on the big, red wedding dress delivered to her by the Ministry of Rites.

This wedding dress was different from normal wedding dresses. It was a set of the Empress’s coronation dress. It was elegant and dignified, and could be worn at important functions.

Her headdress was a golden Phoenix coronet adorned with hundreds of beads. The thin strings of beads formed a curtain hanging in front of her face. It was exquisitely made and quite different from the coronet given to her by Lu Hetian. In comparison, this Phoenix coronet was heavier and decorated with more ornaments, though both were equally treasured and unique.

When Ling Lihua held up the Phoenix coronet, she seemed to remember something as she paused in her actions. She was about to put the Phoenix coronet on Lu Liangwei’s head when Lu Hetian walked in from outside with a box in his hands.

Ling Lihua did not have on a veil today and when Lu Hetian saw her, he was stunned. He remained in a daze until Ling Lihua eventually gave a cold grunt, which jolted him back to his senses. He approached them with the box.

“Lihua, you gave this to me before and told me to present it to Weiwei as her hair ornaments when she got married. I brought it over today because it’s Weiwei’s wedding.”

Ling Lihua said nothing as she took the box and placed it on the table, but she did not open it.

That was because no matter how valuable the hair ornaments her mother had left for her were, it could never compare to the Phoenix coronet on Weiwei’s head that represented her status.

“Weiwei, these hair ornaments were hand-made by my grandfather and gifted to my grandmother as a token of their love. After that, my grandmother passed it down to my mother, your grandmother. After that, your grandmother passed it down to me. Even though these hair ornaments have aged and aren’t very valuable, feel free to open them when you enter the Palace.”

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