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Chapter 519: 519

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Chapter 519: Transitioned Into A New Phase Of Life

Today was the wedding of the Emperor and Empress.

The entire Imperial Capital was celebrating like never before.

The common folk in the capital city were all present to watch the celebration. Even though there were palace guards standing guard, their presence did not diminish the excitement and agitation the crowd was experiencing.

They had heard that Second Miss Lu was supposed to be the woman who had been jilted by the Crown Prince. Everyone was aware that Second Miss Lu was a woman of poor character and it would prove difficult for her to get married. The Grand Duke Family had previously even set up an arena for her to select a groom for this very reason. Yet, for some unknown reason, His Majesty was the one who had stepped into the arena at the very end and became the ultimate winner.

His Majesty was a man of nobility, and naturally, he would not become the adopted son-in-law of the Grand Duke Family, which was why he had offered the title of Empress to Second Miss Lu as a betrothal gift.

The crowd was whispering into each other’s ears, bustling about to discuss this topic.

This Second Miss Lu was truly a blessed person.

It looked like those rumors regarding Second Miss Lu before could be false.

If Second Miss Lu had poor character, why would the Emperor bestow her the title of Empress?

“You may not be aware of this, but I’ve heard that this Second Miss Lu has an exquisite face, and it would not be exaggerating to say that she has a face that could launch a thousand ships. She’s a beauty among beauties. What would it matter even if she is of imperfect character?”

“Are you implying that His Majesty was attracted by Second Miss Lu’s beauty?”

“What do you think? An empty cave invites the wind, this is not without cause.”

“Stop spouting nonsense and saying whatever you want! His Majesty is a rare ruler who is both intelligent and just. He isn’t somebody who judges a book by its cover. Besides, If Second Miss Lu was truly such a beauty, why would the Crown Prince abandon her and pick her stepsister as the Crown Princess? From what I see, there’s nothing wrong with Second Miss Lu’s personality, otherwise, with His Majesty’s nobility and character, he would never marry Second Miss Lu and appoint her as Empress.”

A group of people began gossiping ceaselessly. Everyone was sure that their opinion was the right one while the others were wrong.

Right at that moment, the sound drums and gongs could be heard thundering and the heated discussion among the commoners ceased as everyone turned silent.

Not far away, the palace guards created a path, following which palace maids holding flower baskets appeared quickly from behind. Flower petals floated through the air and drifted about beautifully, like rain made out of flowers.

A huge red bridal sedan carried by twelve men was surrounded in the middle of the path. Behind the bridal sedan was a tidy formation of officials from the Ministry of Rites and the band. Bringing up the rear of the procession were the formidable and organized Lu family troops.

The entire wedding procession was grand yet had a celebratory air.

This was the bridal sedan of the Empress!

By the time the commoners had realized this, the already bustling crowd became even rowdier. They pushed and pulled among each other, fighting for the opportunity to squeeze themselves to the front and have a better view of the procession.

Lu Liangwei sat in her bridal sedan as she listened to the gongs, drums, and firecrackers being set off outside. She was suddenly feeling slightly melancholic about all this.

She had never planned to get married her entire life. All she wanted was to get her family an adopted son-in-law and live happily with her family for the rest of her life. However, life was unpredictable. Who would have thought that she would end up being appointed as Empress?

She would probably have to live deep within the Palace for the rest of her life.

She was not afraid of the evils and dangers lurking in the Palace, nor was she bothered by hidden murderous intent that laid all around her, but she was a regular person at the end of the day. She would still have doubts and anxiousness about the unknown future.

From today onward, she might still be the Second Miss of the Grand Duke Family, but she was married now and could not be with her grandmother and family every day.

At the thought of how her elderly grandmother went red in the eyes, staring at her with longing when they were saying goodbye, Lu Liangwei felt like crying for the first time.

She really liked her parents, grandmother, and big brother. They were her most cherished family.

Today, however, she had to let them go as she transitioned into a new phase of life.

She clenched her handkerchief tightly. She was already missing them so much.

Zhu Yu, who was accompanying her at one side, was also feeling slightly melancholic.

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