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Chapter 520: 520

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Chapter 520: A Hint Of Joy And Urgency

Although Miss was going to be the most honorable woman in the kingdom from now on, she was still reluctant to leave the Grand Duke Mansion.

Zhu Yu had been serving Miss since young and was equally attached to the Grand Duke Mansion.

However, she would go wherever Miss went.

She caught sight of her mistress gripping the handkerchief in her hands. Miss was probably nervous, right?

She could not help laying her palm over the back of her mistress’s hand and said in a resolute tone, “Miss, I’ll always be with you.”

Lu Liangwei’s heart was warmed by her determination, and her helplessness seemed to have dissipated substantially. She said in amusement, “Why are you making it sound like you’re ready to die? Is the palace that scary?”

Zhu Yu instantly exhaled in relief when she heard her mistress crack a joke, but her voice was still grave as she replied, “Miss, the palace is certainly scary, but His Majesty will protect you, so we don’t need to be afraid.”

Before their departure, the Dowager Duchess even went out of her way to summon her and carefully reminded her about numerous things that required her attention.

As Miss’s personal maidservant, she would always prioritize Miss—she did not need the Dowager Duchess to remind her.

She would definitely protect Miss!

Hearing Zhu Yu’s words, Lu Liangwei smiled and said nothing more.

On this day, as the dowry procession moved grandly through the streets, the entire kingdom celebrated the marriage of the Emperor and Second Miss Lu, which was sure to become a favorite tale among the people for years to come.

While the people were crowding the streets, watching Lu Liangwei’s bridal sedan move toward the palace, Long Yang was standing outside the palace gates, dressed in the Emperor’s fiery red wedding costume and waiting with all the court officials.

If he had not been worried that going to the Grand Duke Mansion himself to fetch the bride would cause a panic, he would undoubtedly have gone and personally picked up Weiwei.

He felt a little regretful for not being able to fetch Lu Liangwei from the Grand Duke Mansion himself.

Long Chi glanced at his royal uncle dressed in the fiery red wedding costume, his eyes shrouded in gloom.

It was the first time he saw his royal uncle dressed in such festive clothes.

The fiery red wedding costume further enhanced his extraordinarily striking looks, making him seem like a celestial being.

He stood there with a calm expression on his face, but there was clearly a hint of joy and urgency in his eyes.

Long Chi lowered his eyes, snorting disdainfully in his heart.

Initially, the Emperor only needed to wait in the palace to marry the Empress while officials from the Ministry of Rites fetched the bride over. However, Royal Uncle got impatient and stood by at the palace gates himself with the entire court in tow.

Did Royal Uncle break the rules for Lu Liangwei for fear that others would not know how much he valued her?

As a dying person, would Royal Uncle not embarrass himself in the bridal chamber tonight?

Since he was impotent, why should he have her all to himself?

No matter how energetic he seemed at the moment, he was already running out of time.

Despite Long Chi’s contempt for what Long Yang had done for Lu Liangwei, he was seething with uncontrollable jealousy deep inside.

No matter how battered Royal Uncle’s body was, he was unquestionably the one marrying Lu Liangwei today.

How would he treat Lu Liangwei in the bridal chamber tonight?

Long Chi’s hands balled into fists under his wide sleeves.

Lu Liangwei should have belonged to him in the first place. Even if she was a woman he had cast aside, he did not want someone else to pick her up.

“Announcing the arrival of Second Miss Lu’s bridal sedan—”

The palace eunuch’s announcement cut through the air, almost piercing Long Chi’s eardrums.

He looked up abruptly, and sure enough, he saw Lu Liangwei’s bridal sedan moving toward them slowly, surrounded by palace guards and officials from the Ministry of Rites.

He took a step forward subconsciously, but from the corner of his eye, he saw his royal uncle mounting his horse and riding up to the bridal sedan.

Next to the sedan, Chu Jiu knocked on the compartment and said in a low voice, “His Majesty is coming over.”

Inside the sedan, Lu Liangwei immediately grew nervous when she heard this.

Riding horseback, Long Yang looked at the bridal sedan in front of him, his eyes glimmering with pleasure.

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