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Chapter 522: 522

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Chapter 522: The Emperor Would Probably… Not Hold Back

Her heart was filled with warmth as she looked at his handsome face. “But Dad and Grandmother and the others aren’t here…”

Long Yang wrapped an arm around her shoulders. “But I’m here.”

Lu Liangwei looked up at him, suddenly saying jokingly, “So should I treat you as my dad, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang’s fingers gripped her shoulder and his eyes narrowed. “What did you say?”

Sensing a thick air of menace, Lu Liangwei adjusted the coronet on her head and shook her head casually. “Nothing.”

“I heard it.” A dangerous smile playing on his lips, Long Yang suddenly pushed her down on the bed and pressed his body onto hers, intending to teach her a lesson.

Startled, Lu Liangwei hurriedly reminded, “Your Majesty, the coronation is starting soon. We’d better go now.”

Staring at the gorgeous girl beneath him, Long Yang paused and replied in a husky voice, “Alright.” He then helped her up.

Lu Liangwei managed to dodge a bullet there, but she felt a little weak in her legs.

It was because of the shock.

She felt that she had just dug her own grave.

She was not a naive girl, and she could easily identify the emotions hidden in the Emperor’s eyes.

Moreover, Mother had given her a booklet that morning, and so she came to understand everything.

If not for the coronation, the Emperor would probably… not hold back.

The Emperor and Empress’s wedding was different from that of commoners. Before spending the night in the bridal chamber, they had to go through the coronation, worship Heaven and Earth, and receive visits from the entire court and imperial family.

After bustling about for the whole day, Lu Liangwei was exhausted.

Long Yang personally escorted her back to Grand Phoenix Palace, and his heart ached at the sight of the unconcealable fatigue on her face.

“There’s nothing else to do after this. You can sleep for a while first.” He stroked her face with his fingers and spoke to her warmly.

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded. Struck by a sudden thought, she hesitated for a bit before asking, “And what about you, Your Majesty?”

The corners of Long Yang’s mouth turned upward slightly. “It’s our wedding today, and we’re hosting a banquet for all the court officials. It’s only reasonable that I show up.”

Hearing this, Lu Liangwei breathed a secret sigh of relief. “Then you should go now, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang naturally saw through her thoughts and, wrapping a strand of her dark hair around his fingers, he looked at her with a smile. “Which means you don’t have to worry anymore, right?”

Meeting his penetrating gaze, Lu Liangwei lowered her head sheepishly. “Worry about what? I’m not worried at all.”

Long Yang was amused to see her feigning nonchalance despite her obvious nervousness.

“Well, it’s good to know that you’re not worried.”

Lu Liangwei bit her lip and yanked her hair away from his hand, pretending to be calm. “You should go now, Your Majesty.”

The smile on Long Yang’s face faded, and he said seriously, “I’m not going to be back anytime soon. You can get some sleep in the meantime.”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded, saw him out, then returned to her bedroom.

She was indeed rather tired.

However, just when she was about to remove her makeup, Long Qingzhi came over with Wanyan Zhi in her arms.

Lu Liangwei wasted no time in inviting her to take a seat.

Long Qingzhi looked her up and down with a smile, exclaiming, “Everyone says that Second Miss Lu’s beauty is unparalleled. When you’re dressed up like this, your loveliness really is second to none.”

Lu Liangwei was always aware that she had an attractive face, but she was still a little embarrassed to be complimented by a beautiful woman like Long Qingzhi. “You’re joking, Grand Princess. In terms of beauty, you’re the real belle.”

Long Qingzhi said teasingly, “You’re still calling me Grand Princess?”

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