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Chapter 523: Hopefully Give Birth To An Heir Sooner

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Chapter 523: Hopefully Give Birth To An Heir Sooner

Lu Liangwei paused, then corrected herself a little sheepishly, “Royal Sister.”

Feeling that Lu Liangwei was still a young lady who got embarrassed easily, Long Qingzhi stopped teasing her and reminded her instead, “Palace rules can be cumbersome, and you’re probably tired after busying yourself all day. The Phoenix coronet on your head is really heavy; hurry up and take it off.”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei had wanted to do that anyway, so she sat down at the dressing table obediently.

Zhu Yu went over and took the coronet off for her, then fetched a soft and comfortable set of clothes and helped her change into it.

When Lu Liangwei had finished tidying herself and reemerged, Long Qingzhi was still there.

She was holding Wanyan Zhi and murmuring coaxing words to him.

Wanyan Zhi’s condition was much better than before, but he was still taking Lu Liangwei’s prescription.

When Lu Liangwei walked over, Wanyan Zhi even turned his head and glanced at her.

When Lu Liangwei stroked his head, he did not reject her touch and stared at her with big black eyes.

Long Qingzhi’s face lit up with delight at the sight, and she pulled Lu Liangwei to sit down. “The prescription that you gave last time was really effective. These days, Zhi’er no longer jolts awake in the middle of the night and sleeps more soundly. Also, he’s not that scared and resistant anymore when he sees strangers. It’s all thanks to you.”

Lu Liangwei was naturally glad that Wanyan Zhi was getting better, but she still said, “The medicine is just for conditioning the body. The most important thing is to spend more time with Zhi’er and say encouraging words to him, but don’t push him too hard.”

Long Qingzhi nodded. “Alright, I understand.” She paused, her gaze falling on Lu Liangwei’s lovely face, and said jokingly, “That brother of mine is not young anymore. Both of you need to work harder, and hopefully, you can give birth to an heir sooner.”

Lu Liangwei was sipping the tea that Zhu Yu had passed her at that moment and almost spewed it out when she heard this.

Nevertheless, her small face was flushed bright red.

Seeing this, Long Qingzhi laughed heartily and took her hand, reassuring her, “You don’t need to be so nervous and embarrassed. It’s something women will always have to experience, and besides, if you’re too nervous during the first time, it won’t go well.”

She was careful not to be too descriptive with her words.

However, Lu Liangwei’s face burned because she did not expect Long Qingzhi to talk to her about bedroom matters.

While they were talking, Chu Jiu walked in, followed by the Empress Dowager’s maidservant Matron Chen.

When Long Qingzhi saw this person, her expression became clouded.

Lu Liangwei had yet to meet the Empress Dowager and her attendants and was about to inquire about the person, but Chu Jiu spoke before she could ask. “Your Highness, this is the Empress Dowager’s maidservant Matron Chen.”

At her words, Lu Liangwei understood that this person was one of the Empress Dowager’s attendants.

She was puzzled, but she did not show it on her face. “And what is the purpose of Matron Chen’s visit?”

Matron Chen stepped forward and curtsied to her before saying, “By decree of the Empress Dowager, I have come to spread the purity cloth on the Emperor and Empress’s marriage bed.”

Long Qingzhi frowned, disgust coloring her eyes, but she did not comment on it and said instead, “There’s no need to trouble you, Matron Chen. Let me do it instead.”

Matron Chen hesitated, but she still handed over the box containing the purity cloth. “Thank you, Your Highness. If there’s nothing else, I’ll be taking my leave.”

“Mm.” Long Qingzhi waved a hand dismissively.

Grandma Chen gave Lu Liangwei an implicative glance before departing.

The moment she left, Long Qingzhi took a deep breath. If it were not her brother’s wedding day, she would have smashed this box on that lowly servant’s body.

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