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Chapter 524: You Can Read Up On It First

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Chapter 524: You Can Read Up On It First

What the hell, must that old hag fake niceness on Brother’s wedding night?

That old hag had obviously come to intentionally irritate Brother.

A piece of purity cloth had already been spread on the marriage bed. The Empress Dowager made this extra move for no other reason than to humiliate Brother.

After all, Lu Liangwei was once in love with the Crown Prince. Although she never got to marry him, people could not help but wonder which stage they had progressed to in private.

However, the Empress Dowager just had to do this on purpose.

She took a deep breath and turned to look at Lu Liangwei.

She thought that Lu Liangwei would be flustered, but the young lady’s face was perfectly calm and devoid of any irritation or panic caused by Matron Chen’s actions.

She was relieved, but still said, “Don’t worry about it…”

Lu Liangwei raised her eyes to look at her, her gaze unflinching. “Royal Sister, nothing’s happened between the Crown Prince and me.”

If Long Qingzhi was able to guess the meaning behind Matron Chen’s actions, she could, too.

Hearing this, Long Qingzhi was a little ashamed of her unpleasant thoughts.

“Alright, have a good rest. Brother will be back soon.”

“I’ll see you off, Royal Sister.” Lu Liangwei got up.

She did not blame Long Qingzhi for thinking about her that way. After all, the original host and Long Chi’s romantic complications used to be the talk of the town, and it was hard to believe that nothing had happened between them.

“No need for that; you’ve been running around all day. Just rest.” Long Qingzhi held her hand, suddenly leaning close to her ear. “For a woman, the first night is going to be difficult. You’ll want to save your energy for that brother of mine.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Looking at the stunned girl, Long Qingzhi laughed happily and reached out to pinch her cheek. “Remember, don’t be nervous.”

Coming back to her senses, Lu Liangwei said huffily, “Goodbye, Royal Sister. I won’t be seeing you off.”

Long Qingzhi laughed even more cheerfully, but she did not tease the young woman anymore and left with Wanyan Zhi.

When the chambers finally quieted down, Lu Liangwei suddenly felt distressed.

She was not so nervous before this, but after listening to Long Qingzhi, she grew tenser.

Her face was also bright red from a mix of embarrassment and annoyance.

Long Yang came back just in time to see Long Qingzhi coming out of Grand Phoenix Palace. He called out to her, “Why don’t you stay a little longer?”

Long Qingzhi said in amusement, “Do you really mean that?”

“Why do you say that?”

“It’s your wedding night with the Empress. Are you sure you want me to stay longer and be a hindrance?” Long Qingzhi seized the opportunity to tease Long Yang.

It was because her brother had always been unsmiling and intimidating.

She was sure that he would not hold a grudge against her on his wedding day.

Hearing this, Long Yang raised an eyebrow. “Since you’re so wise, Royal Sister, I’m more than glad.”

Long Qingzhi, “…”

What a bore.

Recalling what happened earlier, she said seriously, “By the way, Matron Chen came just now to spread the purity cloth on your marriage bed by order of the Empress Dowager, but I stopped her.”

Long Yang’s expression faded at her words. “I see.”

“Mm.” Long Qingzhi thought for a while, then said, “You and Weiwei…”

“This isn’t something you should worry about, Royal Sister,” Long Yang cut her off coolly.

Long Qingzhi was a little embarrassed by his rebuff. “Alright then, I’ll be going now.”

After watching her leave, Long Yang entered Grand Phoenix Palace.

Before he entered the chambers, Zhao Qian suddenly called after him mysteriously, “Master, wait.”

Long Yang paused and turned his head. “What?”

Zhao Qian glanced at his expression and, feeling immensely pressured, fished out a booklet from his sleeve and stuffed it sneakily into his master’s hands, saying pointedly, “You can read up on it first, Master.”

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