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Chapter 525: The Wedding Night

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Chapter 525: The Wedding Night
Long Yang’s enigmatic eyes narrowed at his suggestive words. Looking down at the booklet in his hands, he quickly realized what it was.

He glanced at him, a faint smile on his face. “Zhao Qian, it appears that you have a lot of free time on your hands.”

Zhao Qian froze, thinking that his master was surely going to punish him. However, after his master had finished speaking, he simply turned and walked into the bedchamber.

Watching his master’s retreating figure, Zhao Qian wiped the cold sweat off his forehead, feeling a sense of exhaustion as if he had just dodged a bullet.

How very difficult his life was…

No, wait. Master seemed to have brought the booklet inside.

When Zhao Qian realized this, his lips twitched. Was this what they called, the body is always more honest than words?

He had expected his master to throw the booklet back to him like last time, but…

Zhao Qian shook his head and sighed heavily.

So much for the distress he felt just now.

The bedchamber.

Lu Liangwei was sitting on the bed, feeling a little sleepy. However, when she saw Long Yang walk in, she suddenly remembered Long Qingzhi’s words and shot up reflexively.

Seeing this, Long Yang came closer and said curiously, “What’s wrong? Why is your face so red?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head quickly. “It’s nothing.”

Long Yang’s gaze landed on her face and after a pause, he said to Zhu Yu and the others, “Leave, all of you.”

Hearing this, Zhu Yu looked at her mistress a little worriedly. Seeing that her mistress had instantly gripped her handkerchief, she said hurriedly, “Miss, just shout for me if you need anything. I’ll be right outside the door.”

The nervousness in Lu Liangwei’s heart dissipated at her words. She thought to herself in amusement, ‘This girl Zhu Yu, was she saying that she would even rush in without hesitation?’

After all the servants had left, Long Yang said exasperatedly, “What does your maidservant mean by that? Does she think that I’m going to bully you?”

Lu Liangwei glanced at him and pursed her lips, saying, “Don’t mind her. I’ve spoiled Zhu Yu a bit too much.”

Long Yang eyed her and shook his head with a smile. “I didn’t mind.” He seemed to notice her nervousness and changed the subject. “Royal Sister came over just now. What did you talk about?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “Nothing much.” How could she possibly tell him what Long Qingzhi had said? She changed the subject in return, saying, “Did you drink, Your Majesty?”

“Yes, a bit.” Long Yang squeezed her hand. Seeing her tense up immediately as if she was facing some hostile enemy, he gave her a playful look. “Weiwei, I’m not a beast. You don’t have to be so nervous.”

“I’m not nervous.” Lu Liangwei denied it at once.

“Aren’t you?” The corners of Long Yang’s mouth curved upward. After sitting her down on the bed, he turned back and walked to the table. He came back with two cups of wedlock wine and handed one to her.

Lu Liangwei accepted it.

Remembering the embarrassing incident of how she got drunk last night, she was a little hesitant.

Although wedlock wine was not hard liquor, she would probably still get drunk after one cup.

However, when thinking about what was coming next, she felt that it was probably better to get drunk. At least, she would not feel so embarrassed that way.

With that, she intertwined her arm with Long Yang’s and downed the wine in her cup in one gulp.

Long Yang was surprised to see this. “I didn’t know that you were such a good drinker.”

Lu Liangwei pretended to be calm and replied, “My alcohol tolerance is actually… mediocre.”

After drinking the wine in his cup, Long Yang got up to put her cup away as well.

When he returned, he saw Lu Liangwei leaning against the bedpost, her face flushed and rosy despite not wearing any rouge.

He paused in his steps.

Lu Liangwei’s eyelashes quivered as she watched him sit down next to her, and the grogginess in her head cleared immediately. She sat upright quickly, gripping the handkerchief in her hands tightly.

Long Yang was silent for a moment, and he could tell that she was nervous. His lips suddenly felt dry, and he suddenly reached out and pulled her onto his lap.

His clear and pleasant breath brushed against her neck. “If you’re scared, we don’t have to do it tonight.”

Feeling a little itchy, Lu Liangwei pulled away. When she heard what he said, she could not help exhaling in relief.

However, when she turned and caught sight of the purity cloth on the bed, she felt that if they did not consummate their marriage tonight, rumors would start spreading in the palace tomorrow.

Moreover, the Empress Dowager was clearly trying to intimidate her by going out of her way to send someone over to spread the purity cloth.

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