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Chapter 53: Was The Emperor Doing This On Purpose

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Zhao Qian was stunned when he heard the Emperor’s command, but only for a moment. Quickly, he reacted.


He was about to walk down the jade steps and take the porcelain bowl from Lu Liangwei’s hands when he heard his master said calmly, “Let Second Miss Lu bring it to me.”


Zhao Qian immediately stopped in his tracks.


Lu Liangwei finally breathed a sigh of relief when she heard the Emperor’s words.


This bowl of noodles she had cooked was not an ordinary bowl of longevity noodles at all.


She had added some medicinal herbs into the soup, which were beneficial to the Emperor’s hidden illness. At the very least, it would temporarily soothe his pain and control his condition.


She steadily carried the bowl of noodles up the jade steps and placed it on the imperial table.


It was only when she moved closer that Lu Liangwei realized Long Yang’s face was deathly pale— even his forehead was beaded thickly with sweat.


It was currently March and the weather at night was still slightly chilly. From the looks of the Emperor, he must have been thoroughly tormented by his illness.


He was obviously not feeling well, but he was still seated in a proper and dignified manner, so not a soul would be able to tell that there was anything wrong.


Lu Liangwei was truly impressed by the Emperor.


He was already so ill, yet he was able to maintain his posture. This showed how strong his determination was.


Right then, Long Yang’s eyes alighted coolly on her for a moment.


Lu Liangwei was startled and immediately lowered her gaze.


The Emperor had merely given her a casual glance, but strangely, she had felt an enormous sense of pressure.


Luckily for her, the Emperor quickly turned his gaze away.


Lu Liangwei sighed with relief and saw the Emperor looking at the soup bowl on the table.


Long Yang stared at the bowl in front of him and did not move for quite a while.


The contents of the bowl looked like an ordinary meal of longevity noodles. There were even some spring onions scattered on top of them. However, this normal-looking bowl of longevity noodles had just soothed his discomfort immensely.


What in the world had Lu Liangwei added to it?


Something suddenly occurred to Lu Liangwei when she saw that the Emperor had still not touched his chopsticks. She took it upon herself to get a plate, taking a small portion of noodles out of the bowl and placing it on the plate.


Long Yang kept staring at her, only to notice that she had eaten all noodles she had placed on the plate. He did not understand the purpose behind her actions. The next instant, he heard her young, girlish voice say sweetly, “Your Majesty, there is no poison in these noodles. I have tried them myself. You can now eat without worrying.”


Long Yang was slightly startled when he heard this.


This girl had actually thought he was worried about the noodles being poisoned and was refusing to eat them, so she had taken it upon herself to test them.


A smile flashed within the depths of his unfathomable eyes. “That is very considerate of you, Second Miss Lu.” As he spoke, he took the chopsticks from her hand without a thought.


Zhao Qian was about to stop him when he saw this, but his master had already lowered his head to eat.


An odd expression immediately appeared on Zhao Qian’s face. He looked at Lu Liangwei and then at his master. His face displayed a trace of conflicting emotions.


His master had always had a serious obsession with cleanliness, yet today, he was using a pair of chopsticks that had been used by Second Miss Lu…


He swallowed, and the conflicted expression became more prominent on his face.


Lu Liangwei only realized this after a moment. Her lovely eyes opened wide; she looked rather astounded and also slightly confused.


That pair of chopsticks had her saliva on it…


In her heart, she shrieked loudly.


Was the Emperor aware of this, or was he doing this on purpose?


Lu Liangwei genuinely could not even begin to guess what the Emperor was really thinking. Her gaze could not help falling on his face.


Under the palace lights, his initially deathly-pale face now had some ruddiness in it. There was no telling if it was because he was eating the noodles, or if it was caused by the heat of the noodle soup.


If one were to ignore Long Yang’s unique nobility and dignity, he was actually very good-looking.


His forehead was clean and full, with sharp brows slanting up to his temples. His long, narrow eyes were remarkably beautiful and deeply inscrutable, his nose was aquiline, and his lips were thin and sensuous…


His features were incredibly handsome and flawless as if they were a chiseled work of art.


His brow was etched with the unique charm and grace that only a mature man possessed, something those young, good-looking boys from modern times could not compare with at all.

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