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Chapter 531: 531

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Chapter 531: You Are The Only One

It had not been long since the Noble Consort was banished to the Cold Palace. This thought suddenly flashed in Lu Liangwei’s mind.

The Noble Consort did not even say much, yet she was still banished to the Cold Palace by Long Yang.

Lu Liangwei fancied herself as nothing more than a member of the audience back then, as the situation had nothing to do with her. Now, however, when it came to be her turn, she suddenly realized that she was not as uninvolved as she had thought.

Could she end up being the second person to be banished into the Cold Palace, following the Noble Consort’s footsteps?

She frowned and a bitter smile formed in her heart.

It seemed that she had been overconfident with herself.

What right did she have to act in such a brazen way in front of him, thinking that she was a special exception?

As she thought about this, her eyelashes trembled and her eyelids closed slightly.

Long Yang’s gaze fell onto the corner of his sleeve.

The girl’s fingers were clenched tight on the corner of his sleeve and her knuckles looked a little pale. It was clear that she was gripping it with all her strength. She was also… very nervous.

His gaze moved up to her snow-white forehead. There was a thin layer of sweat there.

For some reason, he felt a slight pain when he saw her acting this way. He sighed suddenly and grabbed her fair, tender fingers, clenching them within his palms. He lowered his head to give her a kiss on the forehead. “Lu Liangwei, you are probably the only person in this world who dares spout such treacherous words!”

Lu Liangwei’s palms were filled with sweat. His words had finally eased the tension that gripped her heart. Her beautiful, bright eyes were now filled with fragments of light, shining fabulously with allure.

She stared blankly at him for quite a while before suddenly reaching out brazenly to wrap her arms around his neck. Her beautiful eyes blinked gently as she said breathlessly, “So, what you’re saying is that I’m the only one for Your Majesty.”

Long Yang’s royal heart was elated at her words. He pinched her on the nose. “Yes, Lu Liangwei is my only one.”

Lu Liangwei looked straight at him and deeply believed that she must have found a true treasure, the only one that existed in the world.

She pursed her lips and did not say anything further. Or perhaps she simply had no idea what else to say at this time. She buried her face into his chest quietly and her arms circled his waist.

Long Yang’s heart trembled as he looked at the girl obediently nestled in his arms. He could not stop himself from embracing her tightly.

So what if a girl like her had treated him with disrespect?

She could make him dote on her!

She was worth it!

Lu Liangwei’s heart was filled with emotion.

His Majesty was not enraged, nor did he punish her after she said those treacherous words.

By choosing not to punish her, was he implying that he agreed with her words and would keep this promise in the future?

A sweet feeling welled up within her at this understanding. She suddenly wanted to kiss His Majesty.

However, the moment she lifted her head, the man’s gentle kiss had already fallen upon her lips.

She responded to his kiss carefully as a way of sending out feelers, but it only encouraged him to respond to her with more vigor.

Lu Liangwei noticed her clothes had been pulled down to her shoulders…

She came to her senses right on the brink of losing herself in the intimacy. She quickly pushed him away and pulled up her clothes as she jumped to the floor.

She lowered her head, not daring to look at his eyes. She tried to bear the pain she felt all over her body as she said quietly, “I woke up late. I’d like to clean myself up.”

Long Yang looked at her lowered head, which revealed spots of red on her neck. The dark look in his eyes seemed to become darker as he spoke in a husky, seductive tone, “There’s no need to force yourself. If you aren’t feeling comfortable, you should lie in bed longer. I’ll bring you whatever you feel like eating, alright?”

Lu Liangwei darted an impassive look at him when she heard this. Who was the one responsible for her feeling uncomfortable?

She pursed her lips and said stubbornly, “There’s no need. I’m fine.”

She had just taken two steps when the man suddenly carried her into his arms from behind.

“Your Majesty, there is a lot of work waiting for you. There’s no need to stay by my side.” She twisted her body in his arms, but her eyes still avoided his. She felt a little self-conscious.

A slight smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips.

She was acting so brazenly just now, yet now she had become a little quail?

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