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Chapter 541: 541

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Chapter 541: Master Asked For Cold Water Three Times Last Night

Looking at the empty bedchamber, he suddenly felt a little uncomfortable, as if something was missing.

He massaged his forehead, a rueful smile appearing on his face.

He had gone through all those years in solitude, but that one short night was already enough to make it feel strange returning to his bedchamber where he lived for so many years.

He sighed and sat down on the edge of the bed. When he looked at the inner side of the bed, it was as if the girl was lying there.

He could almost imagine how relaxed that girl must be feeling now without him by her side.

He tapped on his knees with his slender fingers, and a smile suddenly formed on his mouth.

He only indulged her request because he knew that her body was still hurting and that she could not withstand any more exertion. Besides, she was going to visit her natal home tomorrow, and she needed a good night’s rest so that she could walk properly.

However, after tomorrow…

An enigmatic glint flashed through his deep and unfathomable eyes.

Lu Liangwei, who was deep in slumber, could not help letting out a sneeze.

The next day.

Lu Liangwei changed into a brand new, bright red dress. She was already gorgeous, and the red attire further accentuated her sparkling eyes and lovely smile. Her beauty was unparalleled, and all she needed was a simple makeover to look absolutely stunning.

Gazing at her reflection in the mirror, Lu Liangwei smiled and walked out of Grand Phoenix Palace with her servants.

She had just stepped out of Grand Phoenix Palace when Long Yang arrived.

He was wearing a light blue robe and appeared even more handsome and stately than usual.

“Do you have everything packed?” Long Yang asked warmly, walking up to her and looking her over.

“Yes, everything’s packed.” Lu Liangwei glanced at him and spotted shadows under his eyes—a rare sight. After a pause, she asked, “Did you not sleep well last night?”

“Is it that obvious?” Startled, Long Yang raised a hand and touched his face.

Lu Liangwei nodded. “You have dark circles.” She was puzzled. Did the Emperor have trouble sleeping?

She reached for his pulse habitually.

Long Yang wrapped her hand in his palm. “I’m fine. Maybe I was a little heaty.”

“Heaty?” Lu Liangwei glanced at him suspiciously. “Did you eat anything heaty yesterday?”

“Maybe,” Long Yang mumbled a reply. Holding her arm, he helped her into the prepared carriage, then went in after her.

Seeing that his master had already boarded the carriage, Zhao Qian immediately turned and whispered to Chu Qi, “Master asked for water a few times last night, didn’t he?”

Chu Qi shot him a glance, not understanding his perverted expression, but nodded nonetheless. “He asked for cold water three times.” He knew because he was on duty last night.

Chu Yi was the coachman, and when he saw the two whispering to each other and Zhao Qian’s particularly suggestive expression, he approached them curiously and asked, “What’s going on? Why did Master ask for cold water so many times?”

Zhao Qian’s enthusiasm instantly dampened when he recalled his eunuch identity. “Why are you even asking; don’t you have a manhood? Can’t you guess?”

This fellow was always mocking him for not having a manhood, but did it even mean anything if Chu Yi had one? How was he any different from those without one?

How pitifully slow!

Detecting the sarcasm in Zhao Qian’s tone, Chu Yi was bemused.

Had he offended him these days?

Why was this fatso so irritated?

He mused over it as he tried to digest the meaning of his words. Suddenly coming to a realization, he stared at Zhao Qian in astonishment. Was it what he was thinking?

Master asked for water because he used his hand…

The thought of this possibility made him bite his finger in shock.

Chu Qi was bewildered to see his expression that was akin to having seen a ghost.

“Is Chu Yi possessed?” He turned to Zhao Qian.

Zhao Qian was currently still immersed in self-pity for not having a manhood and was unable to extricate himself.

He did not hear a word of what he said.

After thinking for a while, Chu Qi raised his foot and kicked the unsuspecting two off the carriage.

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